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3:20 PM on 06.24.2012

Mixed Thoughts On The Secret World

There's a lot to say about this MMO. There is always a lot to say about every game. Though there isn't always a flood of good things to say about MMOs in general. The Secret World is the fresh loaf of brown bread compared to the stale and mouldy crumbs of World of Warcraft. That's a bit harsh. World of Warcraft built the general formula of most MMOs and The Secret World takes a lot of ideas from the grandfather MMO.

Well, the Illuminati are going to be the only one who will survive the fog. They've got the gas masks.

No levelling. No classes. Lots of story. An MMO. They are not lying about all this. After playing two beta weekends I can confirm that these are fresh new choices that bring a refreshed feel to an ageing type of MMO (hotkey based). No levelling is an interesting aspect and it raises the slightly hard to answer question. Can I kill this thing? There seems to be no indication on the quests (some say very hard and are harder than normal ones). I think that it should just tell you straight up in a story way this is going to be really dangerous but you can still give it a go. You don't want to be too limiting when freedom of choice is part of your game.

When freedom of choice is around. Classes spring to mind. The thought is gone the second they pop up in your head. So what does no classes mean. It means no huge implication at the beginning of your game. In this you can change your weapon at any point and have two equipped at once. I'm currently using a Assault Rifle (from the crafting system) and a Chaos Trinket that was dropped. This gives me an amazing capability for dealing massive damage to one target while I have one ability that is used for taking out the hordes of zombies you attract on your way around Kingsmouth. This is all well and good, but what about endgame? Decks, no, not Pokemon. Decks are your class models with certain weapons and abilities designed for different roles. The endgame idea is that you unlock a large but feasible array of skills and find or craft enough weapons to have multiple decks. This means you can switch just before a dungeon to suit the rest of your party. This adds versatility and that is a very good thing.

It isn't all a wonderful adventure.

That's where it stops. The praise. I started writing this article almost a month ago around the time of the first Secret World beta weekend. Then, I was loving it. Now, it is a very different story. If you're not familiar with the beta weekend layout the one currently going on is the final beta session before the early access prior to the actual game launch. This weekend highlights the PvP battle-zones and lets you continue with the story. The PvP is what you do long after the game's story has finished. The dungeons are also there to be replayed with friends or random internet weirdos people.

This all sounds well and good, right? Though what if you don't enjoy the PvP experience and 30 + a subscription is too much for a story. And what if that story gets repetitive if you aren't an uber fan of this modern day conspiracy genre. What if you also change your mind about combat and ability options. Those options continue to seem farther and farther away. It takes longer and longer to get them. And what if it then dawns. The combat will trudge along with the story for a week. But after that it will slowly die and what you thought was going to be a fun time, will be dead in the water. That is my current train of thought and it's a shame. Proper action combat would make me want to play this game.

The combat of The Secret World has got dull, repetitive. Even without grinding the combat is still boring. For some people it will be boring from the start. Others will enjoy or put aside the combat and therefore, will never get bored. So my advice is this. Unless you want to live cocooned in the conspiracy theory element of this game, then wait for a free 30 day trial. The Secret World is a year too late. The WoW breed of MMO is dying out. Dodge mechanics and a good story will not save this hotkey based MMO.

Note: This is all opinion. If every gamer followed my word then this would sink. Every gamer does not follow my word and as such we have to wait to see if this long prepared and hyped MMO will live up to sales expectations. Also considering this is opinion I'd like to hear your opinions on TSW.   read

2:47 PM on 06.23.2012

E3: DigestiveGaming

It was announced last year but it's still cool. Right?

There were many announcements at E3, but for me the most interesting thing announced was the Wii U and its tablet. So what could this tablet be in the future? The tablet. It can be your futuristic smartphone or your old fashioned map. This means that you can now find every information out about who you are attacking and rather than having to bring up a phone on the screen, it is on your lap. This adds a level of immersion and excitement. Don't bother pausing. You have to find the best moment to switch weapons or eat some food.

After the first 2 players the rest use a standard Wii Remote or this lovely new controller. FPS, here I come.

I'm looking forward to this and you should be as well. Why? New control schemes. We all like our second screens. Think the DS. It went on to the DSi and the 3DS. Nowadays in the realm of TV you have Zeebox. For those unfamiliar with it, it provides tweets and information about the show and actors. Think Onlive. With their new announcement you have multiview. Looking to see how the game progresses or what is possible? Watch three other people while you are playing it. This is all possible on the Wii U. The control options are expanded. With ZombiU U (see what I did there) aim the sniper using the touchscreen. You then walk around with the control sticks and shoot with the triggers.

Hacking devices with all new accuracy.

It may not seem like a big change, but it is. It makes the game more tense. In scary games I go into the map to take a breather. The Wii U says screw U (again, really Stanley) and forces you to go on. It isn't absolutely revolutionary but it's good. Games like Watch Dogs (not confirmed for Wii U) and ZombiU are going to help you take advantage of this. This is going to be fun. Your futuristic tech dreams of super hacking and ultra PDA's are coming true. Your dreams of old pirate maps are also coming true. Nintendo is giving everyone something. The Wii U is not revultionary but it is a stepping stone to the next generation, and hopefully that stone will not sink   read

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