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3:07 AM on 04.03.2009

Hello Internet, I'm Drunk. How're Yeh?

The only time I want to type is when I'm drunk, so here I am!

I bought Street Fighter 4 a couple of weeks ago, and invited a few friends over to play and get drunk. That
night, and I hate to sound trite and stupid, but I learned something about myself.
Now, I haven't played a fighting game seriously since Street Fighter 2, and I played that with some of the
same guys I played 4 with that night. One of them, when we were kids, played as Blanka back then. He kicked
everyone's ass all the time back then.
He did the same now, all these years later. (If you're wondering at my age, my gaming addiction started with
Combat on the Atari 2600. Yes, I'm old) At one point, he appeared to hit me through my block . I commented on
this, in what I will admit was a petulant tone.
He said, "Wow, this IS like the old days!"
And this is where I learned my thingy. He meant the comment as a joke, and that's how I took it, but it did
make me think about how I was back in the day. And you know what I realized?
I was a bitchy little prick.
Seriously. I threw a fit and gave up when he used to whup our asses back then. And memories of other
instances of my snotterey made me understand that I had great friends, who put up with my shit-headedness
and helped me become the more tolerable ass I am today.
Now, my friend still uses Blanka when he wants to win. But, unlike the old days, now I can beat his ass,
electricity-spamming bastard that he is. And when I lose multiple times, I can just let it slide, and enjoy myself no
matter how bad I do.
Its good being a mature gamer. Is there a point to this story? Sure. The whole point of games is to entertain
us. If you're playing a game and not enjoying yourself, you're just wasting your time. Oh! And never
underestimate the value of patience in a fighting game. Relax and let your opponent throw everything he's got at
you. All you have to do is defend and learn. And then kick the shit out of him.
And one other thing I've noticed: the only thing worse than realizing what a douche-canoe you were back in
the day is being old enough to know that ten years from now, you'll look back on today and think about how
fucking dumb you were now. Stupid perspective!
That's it. I think I've said all I wanted. Thanks for your time, I'm happy you spent your time with me and my
rambling.   read

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