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DiegoMendoza avatar 1:35 PM on 05.02.2009  (server time)
First post aka Moments that defined my life as a gamer.

So, this is officially my first post. And before you splash yourself with the waters of knowledge, give yourself
some time to read my personal information you will find some useful information to understand my way of
thinking. Please it would be very cool and nice from you.

I will give you 5 seconds so hurry up

Well I thought it would be nice if I started with something very common in these blogs. Telling the moments that
molded my gaming life. These moments are in my fondest memories collection, so lets get started:

1.- SNES: The forbidden one

I think this is one of my happiest memories. Playing with that grey box with those funny controllers. But why
does it says that it was the forbidden one you say? Because the damn AC adapter was broken.

Every time me or my brother wanted to play we had to struggle like and hour and a half with the adapter (
Evidently the thought of telling our mom to buy us another one never passed thru our cartoon-sugar-video
games filled minds) moving all the connections of the TV room, making a complete mess. But hey, a play
through of the Mighty Morphing Power Rangers Game and TMNT: Turtles in Time worth the fight.

2.- Welcome to Fuchsia City

With no intend to offend any god believers here but, man that day I felt like god. Or how does he feels when
he throw us some swine flu only to have fun. That day I woke up Snorlax from Pokemon Red Version and
arrived to Fuchsia City, and entered the safari ALL ON MY OWN. Imagine its Christmas of 98 i was like 7 years
old, I didn't knew what the internet was, I barely knew a computer. But i was there sitting in my parents couch
trying to solve the "sleeping Pokemon" mystery.

Me a kid whose only English knowledge was " hello" , "how are you?" and "thank you very much". I really
don't know how did it happened, the only thing that I remember very well is that I screamed to my brother " hey
bro common you have to take a look to this Pokemon" it was a Kangaskhan and i was in the Safari Zone. Well
done, well done indeed.

3.-Look mom without hands! This was the first game that I have beat. Duck tales for the original Game Boy.
Lets face it, that game is
damn good. It has kick ass game play and very cool music ( the moon music remains as one of mi favorite
game soundtracks). Good levels, good bosses, good looting, this game had everything. This is one of my
favorite games of all time. Not much left to tell, that game made me a man.

4.- Good nights with better friends :) This isn't really and old memory, its much more like a final thought.
Gaming with friends is one of the best things that a real gamer can ever experience( even if your friends don't
game at all). You can transform a bottle of tequila ( hooray for underage drinking), some party games and your
friends into 5 hours of pure gaming madness. You can pwn your dudes in a 7 stock brawl match.

Or save your comrades in a castle crashers epic, only to scavenge all the money from the final boss and then
beating the crap out of them when fighting for the maidens kiss. I mean even Wii fit is f*cking hilarious, talking
about future plans, school or girls. Man I have had some great nights.

Games are good, But games with friends are pure win.

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