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Diego Vallejos avatar 10:31 AM on 11.22.2013  (server time)
For those who bought a PS4: check the HDMI port first!

Well, I skip presentations because my english sucks...maybe I do it later.

I just read something in a site that may be handy for those who buy a PS4 and want to avoid headaches:

In that article, it says:

"And just recently Sony was able to verify the issue by one or two of the consoles sent in for repair. The issue is actually not a failure of the HDMI port but a piece of metal that is supposed to be fleshed with the console sticking up. Plugging in the HDMI cable resulted in it being cut and thus no output image. The solution is as easy as this; simply push the metal piece down so that it is out of the way and it will work as normal! There is no faulty ports as far as Sony can tell. As a safety precaution when you get a PS4 make sure to check the HDMI port before you plug the cable in!  It seems the faulty metal piece is the majority if not all of the HDMI port issues."

So, if is true, may be the difference between enjoy your new system or get frustrated.

Again, sorry for this post, if I broke some rule I sorry.

Just want to share this information, and I think this is the better way.

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