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8BitBrian says:

Guilty Gear: Anniversary Edition coming?

// Submitted @ 9:11 AM on 06.24.2007

While browsing around Mantan Web, I came across an interview with some of the Guilty Gear staff about the release of Accent Core.

There's some mention about the development of the game, and what they went through. The interesting thing is at the end of this short-ass interview, where they talk about the fact that next year is Guilty Gear's 10th anniversary. Roughly, what's said is:

"With the DS, PSP, and various other developments done, the sales of the various other games will go through this year. But is it possible that an extra compilation will come out as a big announcement? Who knows."

Now, I could've gotten some of the details and emphasis wrong (almost guaranteed), but the basic meaning is still there: the creators are hinting at a nice big Guilty Gear anniversary collection for next year. If it comes out on the PS3 (crossing my fingers that it does), then all the old versions of the game would be put out on one fat Blu-Ray disc.

Also, as an aside, I was surprised to see that Accent Core wasn't announced for the Xbox 360, as #Reload was on the original Xbox. I would've considered getting it just for the online play and achievements. If the anniversary edition is on the PS3, then that means that I'll at least have some online play for my Guilty Gear.

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