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DiabolicScheme's blog

2:06 PM on 01.31.2008

I Don't Understand

I don't understand why some gamers can't be happy with what they get. There has been a slew of Smash Brothers Brawl news filling the interwebs, and you would think that this would bring joy amongst all gamers everywhere, right?



As I was scowering the web for the latest news, I had to resort to going to the GameFAQs boards for pictures and videos mainly because most of the other sites that had news died because of the serious attacks on their bandwidth due to other smash fans seeking out news.

All I have to say about GameFAQs is... never again. NEVER. AGAIN. I was honestly surprised I didn't get a brain aneurysm from all the ridiculously retarded comments some people were making on there. From what I hear it isn't uncommon there, especially on the Brawl boards, but still.. I can't believe I put myself through that.

Anyways, there is a point to all this. I think what I was mostly amazed by were the sheer number of complaints everyone had. "THE ROSTER SUCKS." "ROB SUCKS." "CLONES SUCK." It was absolutely amazing. Now, I'm not going to say the roster is everything I hoped it would be.. but there really isn't anything wrong with it. And let's not mention the absolute overflow of game modes and content the game is bursting at the seams with. Some people are just never happy and it really irritates the hell out of me. There is always something to complain about, and I'm sick of it. Be grateful that such a great game is even coming out. I don't know if anyone else feels the same way I do.. but come on now, it's just a little ridiculous.

But.. I guess it's unavoidable. We all nave our opinions so it happens. I just wish some people would lighten up a bit. I also wish the GameFAQs brawl boards would erupt in flames.   read

11:33 AM on 11.13.2007

Wacky Wii Adventures

I have always considered myself a big Nintendo fan. Fanboy, perhaps, who knows.. but I do love the big N. However.. I am ashamed to admit that i do not own a Wii. Not because I don't want one, but because when they came out I couldn't find one, and when I did find one I didn't have the money.

Fast forward one whole year since it came out, and I am having just as much trouble as I did last year finding one. Which, if you think about it, is really, really sick. Why must every soccer mom in the tricounty area hog them all? I don't care about little Jimmy's Christmas morning.. I want to play Galaxy damn it!

I admit, it's partly my fault.. I mean, I am waiting until the holiday season to buy one. Granted, I couldn't help it that much though, for the majority of the year I was dirt poor and couldn't afford one anyway.. it just figures that i have money for one during Christmas.

So here I am, calling everywhere I can every day to see if I can score a Wii. I went to a few places yesterday only to be laughed at or to have my heart ripped out and stomped on. Toys R Us claimed they just had some the day prior, as did Target, who said they sold all 57 of the ones they had in an hour. A FREAKING HOUR. Not only that, but I called my local Gamestop this morning when they opened and asked if they had any and they did... but they were gone already. I CALLED 15 MINUTES AFTER THEY OPENED.

I'm all down with Nintendo's trying to reach a broader audience or whatever bull they're trying to pull.. but at this point I really don't care about Nintendo, their plan, or anyone else. All I care about is Mario and his excursions in space.

Homicide is an option at this point.   read

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