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eDiZZtr0ya avatar 10:32 PM on 08.01.2013  (server time)
ctOS.. Just an Idea?

The ctOS.. The Central Operating System. The basis of "Watch Dogs" gameplay. This thing that everything is connected through. From your phone to your laptop to your car to everything else. Take a moment and think... Is this just a good a idea for a game? Is it something that is just a far-fetched idea that only can exist in this game created for pleasure of gamers? 

If you were to think that this is just that, you are sadly and absolutely wrong. You are never private EVER. Trust me when I tell you, when a right, or wrong person dependent upon perspective, person running/operating/creating the devices and software that you use can see everything you do. These people can literally find out exactly who you are, what you believe, where you go, how often. When your phone asks you to mark your location as your place of work, or your place of education and you say no. You feel as if you are off the grid, they have instilled this false sense of security within you. Aisha Tyler said at a panel at ComicCon "you are not a person, you are an accumulation of data points." A man like Aiden Pearce can easily exist in our reality. This game should be taken a little more seriously and maybe people should play it and take it for what could possibly happen. Then again this may feed a paranoia that could be justified but still could create an unnecessary issue for the individual.

And your outlook on the concept and reality of this is exactly that, your outlook and your perspective. This is good within the reason that the right people can keep you, your family, and your country safe by tracking literally everything. But my own perspective is one of pure paranoia. I do not want people seeing me and listening to everything I say. They theoretically, and honestly it is a definite thing, can read everything I am typing by tracking my keystrokes upon my keyboard. But my outlook is also in a matter of speaking, hypocritical. I love technology and the way it advances and evolves and all of the opportunities still out there, because I myself am studying computer science as my major, but on the other hand I want my privacy. Is this wrong? again. Perspective. Perspective. Perspective. 

And on a deeper, philosophical view, everything in this world is perspective. Everything is objective to the way it is viewed. War, Love, Peace, Nuclear power, Life itself, Religion. the only thing not subject to such scrutiny is numbers.

This asks the question, do you the individual know enough about what you hold at the palm of your hand. Don't be just one of the sheep, do not be ignorant and passive, ask the important questions. "I am here to shatter your illusions" (Aiden Pearce)

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