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Dizz is what everyone calls me.

first off lets get some shit straight.
professionalism is cool, where necessary.
my blog isn't something I aim to be a journalism powerhouse. I am here to write about what erks me and what makes me happy. if you have the same interests, by all means chill with me and my conflicted and fucked up mind. and if not, than yeah.. whatever.

I love video games and I plan to pursue Game Development at Full Sail University after I have completed my Bachelors in Computer Science at UGA. Video games are interactive art, Teaching, learning, and a book you can take part in, they are experiences and emotions and I want to be able to make people feel and think differently when they play the games I'll hopefully develop one day. Now listen, I'm not talking about games like call of duty, and mindless shooters. I'm talking about real and pure artistry and thoughtful storylines like Fallout New Vegas, Bioshock Infinite, and The Elder Scrolls games.

Yeah I have a YouTube channel, but no it is not fully up and running and no it is not only for talk about videogames, but just about whatever. Check it out or don't, i can't promise there's a lot on there right now.
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I had woken up in the Mojave one day long ago after a trip to the Gamestop at the mall. The Mojave.. a fantastic place filled with Deathclaws, Molerats, and those ever so annoying Cazadors. A beautifully amazing disgustingly terrifying deserted wasteland vibrant with all different races and factions of people. This including the desert fuzz the NCR, the anarchistic homosexuals Caesar's Legion, the extreme pyromaniacs that are the Boomers, the Brotherhood of Steel, and the Great Khans. Oh how wonderfully confusing it is, isn't it?

This wonderful creation that Bethesda molded, I say molded because it is a make of pure artwork, I speak of is Fallout:New Vegas. Yes many obsessed over Fallout 3, it's predecessor, but for me New Vegas was much more enjoyable. Fallout 3 was just to dark and to grim for me personally. New Vegas brought this kind of life to the wasteland that was so attractive to me as a gamer and lover of post-apocalyptic pop culture. This is the first game that I acquired that had an actual storyline. before this experience, I was the "bro-gamer" Call of Duty was all I knew. Thank god that sad phase in my life is over thanks to Vegas.

My eyes were forced open by the gorgeous open world, the fact that the main story wasn't even close to half of the actual experience, the goofy slapstick, and the plenty of references that I couldn't help but love each time I heard or experienced one. My favorite of all is when you have the Wild Wasteland perk and Rex makes a reference to Jimmy falling in a well! hahah how great.

Play the game as you please. Join a side.. and there isn't only two to choose from, help factions in their own personal fights, build a companion base with all the different races of the wasteland. Arcade the Follower of the Apocalypse and a former member of the Enclave, Boone the elite 1st Recon sniper with a vengeance, Lily the schizophrenic Nightkin, Raul the ghoul mechanic, Cass the hardass B!+%$, and Veronica a disillusioned Brotherhood of Steel Scribe, ED-E the prototype eyebot with a great story, and Rex the cyberdog with several brains to choose from. And that doesn't even include the interesting people you get to meet throughout the wonderful DLCs.

There is still so much that I adore and so many experiences I cherish from this game that I forget to mention, and did not want to bore you with. You'll just have to pick it up and see yourself, and it is very inexpensive these days. This is a game I highly recommend, and is my favorite game of this gaming generation. Thank you Bethesda for the lesson in gaming you have given me, I will never again pick up a Call of Duty game unless it is to play Zombies. And I am truly not knocking any Call of Duty enthusiasts. I have clocked in my very large fair share of hours, but knowing that I no longer have to rage violently during a game has given me peace. Now I enjoy playing games that feel like I am playing a damn good book, and sometimes even teach me something new and interesting.
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