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DfenderOfHyrule avatar 9:44 PM on 03.09.2010  (server time)
Life as Gamer

Life as gamer has changed a lot since video games first got started but even with the changes, life as a gamer can be hard . I am not going to get into the whole girl gamer vs boy gamer argument because both sexes have their individual issues within the gaming world. I am talking about gamers vs non-gamers and the fight to coexist in the same world. I am almost 25 years old and if I even mention anything like the split Zelda time line or start talking about how mind blowing Braid was the first time I played it, I get the inevitable eye roll from non-gamers and quite frankly it annoys. The problem is that most people think of video games as something that kids play and it is simply not true. It's true that there are games out there that are targeted toward younger people but I am not playing stuff like Dora Explorer. I mean the gaming industry is obviously targeting an older audiences, I don't think God of War 3 is targeting kids(I think it is targeting me ;D) But still ask non-gamers and there first thought will most likely be something along the lines of it's for kids. And God forbid if you are a gamer and have a family or girlfriend/boyfriend who isn't a gamer. One of my coworkers face this problem, I ask if he is going to play a new title that is coming out and I get the response of I want to but I got the wife and kid.... Really? I have a life and responsibilities too, but I still find time to play and it's not fair that there are people out there who want to game but aren't allowed. For example, I am sure a lot of you have seen the youtube video of the angry girlfriend destroying her boyfriends X-box 360 because she felt he shouldn't be playing as much as he was. I will tell you that my reaction to that video was "What a bitch!!!" If someone destroyed any of my gaming gear.....I don't even know what my reaction would be but I would advise that that person not be around when I find out, lol. But I mean come on. the poor guy probably busts his ass all day at work and he wants to come home and unwind with a little X-box action and you are jealous of a video game. Here's some advise bitch, why don't you join him in the gaming experience and show some interest in what he likes and maybe he will reciprocate by doing something that you want to do. But no, you see the poor guys as immature and inattentive. These kind of non-gamers are the people I don't like!!!

Luckily the negative feelings towards video games has changed somewhat since I was a kid, hell just 10 or 15 years ago while I was still in school I was labeled as a nerd because I would rather be at home playing Ocarina of Time than doing anything else. People would think of you as a loser if you pulled an all nighter because you kept saying to yourself "just one more temple, just one more temple". But with the gaming industry really broadening it's outreach to the general public people who wouldn't be caught dead picking up a controller or even spending hours grinding through dungeons are now joining us. It does make life a little more bearable, but on the other side of that argument there is the problem of the causal gamer wanting to talk to you about stupid games that any self respecting gamer wouldn't play. I have the constant problem of people talking to me about games like Just Dance and about how fun it is and my skin cringes and then they get offended when I say I wouldn't be caught dead playing that game. I have been thinking though, we all start out as casual gamers and it is not my place to judge some one for having fun playing a video game. So I politely smile and say that while that is not my type of game I think it's cool that they like it.

Bottom line is this, non-gamers/casual gamers need to be more understanding towards our obsession with games and gaming culture because gaming is something that we love and we gamers need to less of a snob when it comes to casual games that are out there because at one point we were in the same position that casual gamers are now. We can coexist in this world and hell we might even find some common ground if we all just give each other respect.

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