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Darren Nakamura avatar 12:49 AM on 09.03.2008  (server time)
PAX pix, chronicling my trip

Aerox and my girlfriend Lib at LAX. Only a few hours until Seattle!

It's the Fruit Effer!

On the show floor, they had Dead Space. I didn't play it, nor Fallout 3, nor Left 4 Dead. Oh well.

A group of us went to Cheesecake Factory. We ate delicious food, and then when we were getting ready to leave, Niero paid for everybody. It was incredible.

One of my favorite things about PAX are the handheld lounges. It's so nice to just kick back and play some DS

The Freezepop concert was great. It also caused one of my near-tears moments. For some reason when I'm surrounded by nerds doing something beautiful, I get all misty. That moment is below.

I know it's been done before, but you really have to see it in person.

Necros is a goofy emmer effer

And then Freezepop ended the concert with their rendition of "The Final Countdown." The energy in the room was crazy.

After the concert, we all went out drinking, and then when the bar closed down at two we tried to go back to the convention center to play Rock Band. Even though there was an hour left before closing, we couldn't get a game in, so we just stood outside the convention center and hung out for another hour. Blehman somehow scored a media badge.

LostCrichton makes the best Destructoid mascot in short shorts.

Tactix, Asian Joe, power-glove, and DJDuffy (I think) rocking out on the Rock Band free play stage.

Destructoid took over this bar just about every night we were there. Here Dan Paladin whispers Castle Crashers cheat codes into FooLiz's ear.

Chad <3 Knives. Me too.

Phist with some questionable stains on his shirt.

king3vbo humors me and pretends to be surprised by my candid photography.

That last picture is priceless.

Me on the left, keener in the middle (one of my oldest friends from Destructoid who I just recently met), and Macca on the right (my new favorite person from New Zealand).

After the bar, we went up to one of the hotel rooms. Hitogoroshi is incredibly ticklish, and he laughs like I do. Fortunately, I'm not ticklish.

The next day, my girlfriend Lib and I went up to the Space Needle. Here's her looking cute up on top.

Obligatory photo with the robot!

This was outside the bar on Sunday night. Niero brought champagne for those of us left, and above we took an IRC picture.

On Monday, our numbers were dwindling. This was taken just before Lib and I headed to the airport. A few of us were at Gameworks, and then they went to the Cheesecake Factory for one more dinner.

Those are pretty much all of the photos I have, but I just want to give shoutouts to everybody who made my PAX weekend extra special.

Aerox: Thanks for setting up the dinner at FareStart. I am sure I'll see you real soon.
Knives: You are one of the most jovial people I know. We'll have some parties here in L.A. on a Saturday so you can come up again.
keener: I'm so glad to have finally met you. You're one of the coolest people around. We have to hang out again soon.
Tactix: It's really great to meet up with somebody who loves Rock Band as much as I do. Can't wait to hang out again.
GHost: You are SO COOL in person. Good luck with your endeavors in Africa, and thanks again for my Dtoid card.
naia/Zero: You two are adorable. Double date table > all others.
Samit: I'm really jealous that you correcting people's grammar is endearing. You were great to talk to. Maybe consider Caltech for grad school?
Necros: HEY! I'm glad you didn't fail on the Rock Band 2 stage. That would have been embarassing.
Dale: You're hilarious as always. I never realized you were so old though! It's gotta be the happa genes.
Liz: Your being here in America is amazing. You and Glen had better get married so you can stay here forever.
Colette: You always seem so happy to see me. I hope you two are doing all right in the storms.
Chad: One of the best moments of the weekend was when you broke into song at the panel. If you made a podcast of you singing Disney songs, I'd subscribe.
Niero: Your generosity is unparalleled. I can't thank you enough for everything you've put together. Without you, the weekend would not have been nearly as huge as it was.
Lib: You get the most thanks of all. I'm so happy to have a girlfriend who not only tolerates my ridiculous hobby, but embraces it and will come with me on a 1500 mile trip just to hang out with people who I met on the Internet. I'm so lucky to have you.

Everybody else: I wanted to say this at one of the nights at the bar, but I didn't want to sound like a drunk asshole. I love you people. I don't say that lightly, but I love you like I love my college roommates, and like I love the brothers I never had. I couldn't ask for a better community to be a part of.

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