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Darren Nakamura avatar 1:13 AM on 03.01.2008  (server time)
Is there interest in Friday Night Fights: DS?

It's no secret that Friday Night Fights is getting bigger and bigger. We've got people playing on the 360, the PS3, and the PC. And yet, the DS, my favorite system right now, has been getting no love.

I personally have only played a handful of my DS games online. In Mario Kart DS, I got frustrated because you either race against somebody much better than you, or you race against somebody who is going to quit because they're losing. In Pokémon Pearl, I've traded Pokémon online, but never battled. In Animal Crossing: Wild World, I've only gone and stomped on my girlfriend's flowers. And that's about the extent of my DS online experience, despite having several games which are capable of playing over the Internet.

It's pretty clear why the DS isn't popular for Friday Night Fights. With the 360, it's easy to jump on, see who's playing what, send out invites, and get into a game. If you want to play with some particular people on the DS, you really have to plan it. You have to set a time to meet, you have to trust that your friend/opponent will show up, and you have to exchange Friend Codes.

Oh, the Friend Codes. Awful. But I digress.

What the DS needs for online play is organization. And I'm here to say that I just might maybe possibly sort of be the guy to organize it. I'm thinking that we would have to meet up in Ventrilo or IRC or Stickam to set up who plays what, and to exchange Friend Codes, and to get things going.

The question is, would this be worth my time? Is there any demand for DS FNF, or would you all just prefer playing on your 360s and PS3s? If enough people want to do this, I think we can give it a shot. Let me know in the comments.

And if we do end up going through with this, which games would you guys like to see featured? Personally, I wouldn't mind playing some Tetris DS, Pokémon Diamond/Pearl, Advance Wars: Days of Ruin (pre-deployed maps only), or Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass online. Am I forgetting any?

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