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Darren Nakamura avatar 1:52 AM on 05.09.2008  (server time)
Always the last to recap: photos of Chad's party last Friday

The above video is, sadly, the only one I got of the night. However, it is hilarious, to me at least, so it's all right. The sucky parts about it were that it was too dark for video, and given the location of the camera, you can hear more of the peanut gallery than the actual performers. But then, the best parts of the video comes up because you can hear the people on the couch talking.

Near the beginning, you can hear Chad totally crap all over the other Destructoid city groups, because Destructoid Los Angeles is the best. But then, he says something else later. Wait for the chorus, when Aerox and I start singing together, arms around one another, me nestled in his bosom, with our faces only inches from each other.

Did Chad Concelmo just call us GAY!? Yes, yes he did. I think the best part about all of this is that I didn't hear it when he actually said it, and now, a week later, I'm finally watching the video and I hear that.

Anyway, you have probably heard plenty about the party either from Stickam, or from Aerox's post, or from teknomcr's posts, so I will get right into the pictures and commentary. I'm trying to keep these chronological, with the exception of the video, because my camera numbers those separately.

Charlie, Ark, and I were the first to arrive. Actually, Ark got there way ahead of anybody else, but it wasn't until I tried to ring Chad that we realized he was already there and he and Charlie could have gone up any time. CTZ and Aerox came shortly after we got inside.

The host of the evening's festivities: none other than Mr. Chad Concelmo himself.

Suff0cat and mid3vol arrive, but my camera is too slow (or Mandi is too quick) to get her in the picture.

Naia, Zero Atma, teknomcr, and Juan have arrived. It's beginning to look like a party now.

Aerox, not as drunk as he looks. I'm pretty sure he's doing a Dale North impersonation.

A wild Polo Guy approaches! This man deserves respect. He's actually the reason the party happened. Also, he is now in the Middle East somewhere, and we wish him the best.

Kyle and Donna showed up, and I am just now noticing the little stain of back sweat on Kyle. Maybe I shouldn't have pointed that out!

Charlie gets a back massage from Britini Martini. It's might be the first time he's felt the gentle touch of a woman. Pure speculation on my part.

At this point, I just kind of went crazy taking pictures of Luna. Seriously though, how can you not? She is the cutest dog ever.

Ark and Naia are playing Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings of Fate, and I think the rest are just staring at a blank television.

Okay, now Aerox is as drunk as he looks. Kyle is in the background talking about happy endings from Asian massage therapists.

Suff0cat brought over Target: Terror. It is a hilarious homage to old arcade light gun games like Area 51 or Maximum Force, right down to the live action enemies. It also rewards you for crotch shots.

Short story about The Weakest Link. We get a group of eight together and start to play. Kyle and Donna have to team up, because there are only seven spots. After i sit down, Aerox informs me that he and Chad have formed an alliance, and I can get in it if I would like. After the first round of play, Chad tries to vote Aerox off, and the alliance's votes for Kyle and Donna (sorry!) are now in question. However, the two votes for Kyle and Donna are up against two random votes for Chad. Now, if you've ever watched (or played) The Weakest Link, then you'd know that the person to decide on a tie is the strongest link. Who was it this round? Oh that's right, it was me. Now I don't take the term "alliance" lightly. Even though I originally voted for Kyle and Donna, Chad's treacherous betrayal of the alliance earned him a ticket off the show. He hates being voted off first, but he clearly brings it on himself.

Aerox and I then recruited Zero Atma into the alliance, and we knocked off everybody else, lead by the not-at-all-discreet Aerox. Once it was down to us three, Aerox turns to me and whispers, "You know what to do," to which I responded, "That I do." What he didn't know is that I had been sending Zero some nonverbal signals to vote off Aerox. I wasn't sure if they were being caught, because I was getting no response, but it turns out that Zero definitely caught my drift, but didn't want to risk letting Aerox know what we were up to. With Aerox gone, it was just me and Zero left, and after a stressful showdown, I won my first game of The Weakest Link. I can die a happy man now.

Chad forgot pretty quickly how upset he was over being voted out first. Hopefully this blog brings back all those tortured memories.

What is it with me and taking pictures of people who are taking pictures? I guess it's because I only think to take pictures when other people are.

Just a photo of most of the attendees.

At some point, we started watching the Puppy Bowl. Chad told us how he wants to referee next year's, and that he'd do it for free.

People are starting to get tired, as shown by all the lazing and slouching.

Chad's message to Rio, with better image quality than Stickam

I think these guys are getting ready to leave. It must have been three or so by the time this was taken.

The back of Charlie's head, and Aerox one-eying it. Why do I have so many pictures of Aerox? I swear I'm not gay for Aerox.

Um, so I'm posing with my tongue near CTZ's crotch. But really, I swear I'm not gay.

It's the end of the night, and Luna's all tuckered out.

So is Luna's owner. Chad finds that it's very warm between Aerox's legs.

For the last game of the night, Charlie plays Pokémon Snap for probably forty-five minutes or so. He got pretty into it, even yelling (with an inside voice) at Professor Oak for not knowing anything about photography.

With the party officially wound down, Aerox and CTZ shared a bed, while I slept on the couch and Polo Guy slept on the love seat in the living room. We went to sleep at five in the morning.

BONUS: the Sunday after the party, a few of us got together in Hollywood to see Iron Man at the Arclight Theater. They had the actual suit worn by Robert Downey Jr. in the film set up in their lobby, so I decided to get a photo of it. I didn't take any other pictures in the theater because I was afraid the staff would think I was trying to bootleg the movie.

So that's about all I have. Now that I'm looking back at the pictures, I'm sad I didn't get any of Tristero. That guy is really as slippery and elusive as he seems! I didn't get a picture of him entering because I ran over to give him a hug when he got there, instead of taking a photo. Was he even there, or was he just a figment of my imagination?

Hope you guys like the pictures, despite the poor photography. Destructoid Los Angeles rocks, and I'm looking forward to our next get-together. Ark's place? Mine? Disneyland? Who knows?

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