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Ok, so, little disclaimer here before we get into it. I'm INCREDIBLY biased towards platformers where you get to play as an animal. I spent the majority of my childhood playing Mario 3, Banjo-Kazooie, and Banjo-Tooie (also my favourite Zelda game is Majora's Mask where you can turn into a Fish-man. Also I spent a long ass time playing Donkey Kong 64 but I gave up at the end when I couldn't beat the original Donkey Kong arcade game or Jetpac. OOPS) 

This is the kind of game that really pushes all my buttons in all the right ways. It's a big exploration platformer game where you play as a Damn Corgi and you collect stuff and I love collecting stuff in games and the video that the game dev made for it sold me on it really well I mean just LOOK at it it's hilarious 

As soon as I booted the game up and I set eyes on Tuffy, tounge hanging out and cape blowing in the wind as he ran, I knew. I had absolutely made the correct decision in purchasing this game. "Look at this damn dog" I said to myself. "I can't wait to show everyone this damn dog" followed up shortly by "why doesn't the Vita have video out the PSP had video out this world is unfair" 

It's a 16-bit side-scrolling platformer (it has PARALLAX SCROLLING) where you play as Tuffy the Corgi and must collect 108 bones and reach the top of the tower (note: I have nowhere near achieved this yet. I keep dying and being told "no one ever saw Tuffy again" and I have to lie down for a bit before playing again) 

So the thing is: This game is an auto-runner, like Bit-Trip Runner or Robot Unicorn Attack, and that makes this game even harder. It's almost to the game's detriment, sometimes you try to make a hard jump only to bounce weirdly off of the ceiling or seemingly nothing and you fall to your death. Usually for a precision platformer like this, I'd like to have direct control over my character so that I can more easily make the jumps

Now my sensible brain is telling me: "This game is weird. It's a really hard platformer where you can't stop running and that's just not right. It's not like Mario, or Banjo, or any other completely inter-changeable 90's gaming mascot who will obediently stop when I say I want them to. The game is making itself harder to play on purpose and is that fun? other people who aren't me would probably cry about artificial difficulty but I'm not a garbage baby. This game means well but it falls short it deserves an 8/10 at best"

But the thing is. I don't care. It's a goddamned platformer where you play as an animal and you collect things and it's perfect solely on these merits. 


*boots up Vita* 


Look at that Dog.

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