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Devthegamer avatar 11:37 AM on 11.18.2012
Rome, Conquered in a night....

I decided play Rome: Total War when I found out that there was going to be a Rome 2. So I played and played, and I played until I was stumped with my diplomacy. I thought I could get farther without any allies besides the three you start off with. I thought wrong... and I payed for it until me good friend stepped in and saved my ass, told who ally with and who to wipe the floor with. And then an Idea struck- Why not buy all of the provinces from our allies? Long story- short, I was able to buy out most of the land and defeat those who opposed my ass-kicking rein. Also i got a lot of double xp caps from all the Mountain Dew I went through.

I actually found out that there is a cheat system for Rome: Total War. And yes, I did use cheats to rule over people and there pathetic lives. But I only used one and it was for money, cause for reason my economy in that game is never stable! I haven't taken over the world but I did take over Rome and defeated the other families. If anything, I should get an award for ruling those ancient lags. Oh well, some win some, rule some, and steam-role the others.
Your Supream Ruler


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