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I got into gaming when I was 11 after playing one of the classic RTS games that nobody remembers: Rise of Nations. After that, I got more into shooters like: Halo and Call of Duty. I have an all time favorite it is the Total War series even though it has been five years since I played the first game. Now my gaming experience will surely change when I go to Germany. They, like other European countries have strict laws when it comes to games. I finally got into Company of Heroes and with a new installment coming soon, I hope I can stand the next challenge.
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12:46 PM on 06.13.2013

I got Fall of the Samurai ( Total War: Shogun 2: Fall of the Samurai) and I really devoted my spear time to beating it. But not that it's summer I really don't play it unless I play with my good friend from Norway. He lives there but that's cool. I never got into the whole charge into them as fast as you can, but I did just spam Line Infantry and then shoot at whoever was close enough to be hit. I also had Saber cav. in my army to chase down any who ran fro the fire. When I played with my friend we decided to stay close together so we could help each other. He controlled the seas and I controlled the ground. It's a good plan as long as he as an army to protect his province. We may have only gotten a few turns in, but I thing the next time we play I will give him what I can to build his fleets.

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