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Detry's blog

10:51 PM on 11.11.2009

I'm not hosting anymore.

Seriously. Fuck you gais. It's like pulling teeth and I hate spamming my friends list with invites. And no, I don't remember everyone that was in the party, which is why I would spam everyone. <3 My first evening with MW2 has been pretty epic, but very chaotic.   read

5:49 AM on 08.21.2008

Force Unleashed: The Definitive Review

I killed a bitch by throwing one bitch into another bitch. Awesome.   read

10:49 PM on 05.20.2008

DTOID FapFiction Part 2: British Boogaloo. NSFW

As we break away from Yashoki's Chocolate Factory, we join the hot action taking that is taking place on the other side of the pond. Join me? Wont you... Sterling then whipped out his monocle, spoke the magic words "Klaatu V...   read

7:39 PM on 05.07.2008

DTOID FapFiction written by Vlambo in IRC. Part 1. NSFW

For your pleasure. Yashoki looked Necros in the eyes. Yashoki knew this was it. He slowly began to unbuckle the button on his trousers and pulled them down past his quivering thighs. He stared lovingly into Necros's eyes ...   read

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