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9:24 AM on 04.04.2008

Call of Duty 4 Xbox 360 Tournament : You have been emailed

Friday Night Fight post going up in a bit.. this is sort of a short blog, but I just wanted to let the people who have emailed us know that they have been sent an email. Monday will bring another update letting you know who is in your team, and who is your host. I'll send the update through email and of course, another FNF blog. Use this FNF to train on the new maps, and just to have a good time. So far there have been over 50 entries, so hurry and enter before all the spots have been filled up.

If you haven't entered yet, there's still plenty of time. Just email : [email protected]


3:41 PM on 03.28.2008

Friday Night Fights 36 : COD4 Tournament NEXT WEEK

*Please note that the following image has nothing to do with this weeks FNF theme, but I thought it was hilarious. Thanks itemforty, for bringing the lulz.

So you decided to join Friday Night Fights.. lucky you! Only question is, how lucky do you think you really are? Luck can do alot with gaming, sometimes skill, but neither can save you from next week. Next week is the official unofficial Destructoid Call of Duty 4 tournament, and we're already half way full! So if you haven't signed up, you better get to stepping.

Yes, luck is in the air today folks, so what better time to press your luck against the Euro Crowd for FNF? I heard there's terrorists involved.. too early? Well then use your skills to the best of your ability against the Playstation 3 crew. You'll need it! Don't have a 400 dollar Blu-ray player? Since everyone has the Haloes, then maybe you can meet up with vexed alex and company, which I've heard nothing but good times! The PC crowd is a little late, but you better believe neither luck nor skill will help when it comes to TF2 on the PC. Just shame..

So.. community wise, what's been going on? Nothing to big in general, of course the Tournament is coming, so jump on that. DVD Design is hosting Prey tonight, so you can get some more achievements and win big. Of course the Cancun trip is on the day of the tournament, but that's ok because we still have you covered. You'll just have to wait for an updated post Monday...

Other than that, just have fun Destructoid! Game on!

DVD Design - Metalocalypse (Hosting Prey)
Snaileb - Snaileb (I'm joining a Brawl match sometime, but at 10PM EST it's Gears)
-D- - SuckerPod (Hosting Burnout Paradise)
Butmac - Butmac (Hosting Burnout Paradise)
Wardrox - Wardrox (Hosting Halo 3)
power-glove - POWER GLOVE (Hosting COD4)

Burnout Paradise: Butmac did a spectacular job hosting and playing with new and old Destructoiders, or -D- will start your engines!

Condenmed 2 : Hobo Wars: I heard the Multiplayer was bad. Why is it even up here?

Gears of War: Gears will be hosted at 10PM, EST. Just send Snaileb a message!

Call of Duty 4: P0WER-GLOVE has been an excellent host these past couple of
months, and his continuing contribution is above me. For epic times, find this group of dtoiders.

Rock Band or Guitar Hero III: Does in fact need more Cowbell. I just downloaded
the Classic Rock track too! Bad assery.

Team Fortress 2: If you prefer the gimped 360 version over the PC, we got you covered.

Halo 3: Teabagging Edition. If you haven't played with Vexed Alex, you're missing out! HEADSHOT!

Bomberman Live: If anyone wants to get a game going, DO IT. Just let us know! :p

The PSTriple crowd have got their plans laid out, and this section is pertaining to what
games they usually play.

Unreal Tournament 3: Yojimbo is now head chancelor of your PS3 activities, and
you can usually find him hosting this.

COD4: Once done with UT3, it's time for some running & gunning.

Burnout Paradise: Not in the mood to shoot people in the face? Then why not use a

Warhawk: Whether on foot, in a jeep, in a tank or in a Warhawk death is but a
moment away.

Smash Brothers Brawl: Taken quite a while hasn't it? Yes, we've had ALOT of fun messing around with this game. With so many options to take advantage of, you have no excuse!

IRC Channel

I suppose the easiest way to join IRC is through java based chatroom, it's old but easy. Make sure you have a bluetooth headset. Just type in :

/join #dtoid-brawl



Port: 3790

Password: None

There is no password to actually access the server, but the Social lounge does require a password, which is "ftw" without quotes of course. Make sure you have a bluetooth headset. If you need a "how to" guide, these lovely Destructicans have your answer. Go
here if you have questions.

Don't have Ventrilo?

Get it at

Use your 360

I've done this twice and it works every time. Just turn on your 360, join a free XBLA game
(Aegis Wings, Yaris) and voila! Simple, right? Just dont forget that your controller may die.

Team Fortress 2: Custom Maps
TF2 server information

Server: - TF2
Pass: destructoid

We thank you for your continued support of FNF and hope to see you there tonight.

Join us for a game of AMMO at 11PM ET. The game is a free download at, and the game will be running on the server Megamoo. Thanks to all those who voted for the new character in my game; this MOOnday Jim Sterling will be playable in my game.


*Thanks again to Harassment Panda for so much help with the list!


To get any additional information needed on Friday Night Fights, or to even discuss the events before or afterwards, then please visit the Official Friday Night Fights Forums

What are you still doing here? What's that? You don't remember what to do? Well a
quick tutorial of Friday Night Fights is all you need.   read

9:35 PM on 03.26.2008

Friday Night Fights 36 : Sign ups begin NOW

*Please note that the following image has nothing to do with this weeks FNF theme, but I thought it was hilarious. Thanks itemforty, for bringing the lulz.

Greetings Destructoid! We're here again this week to remind you to stop by on Friday, for the ritual of our most sacred night. There will be no sacrifices to our robot overlord tonight, of course I am talking about gaming!

I think this entry needs a more personal note though...

"Snaileb here. I'm really sorry for not making it to the last Friday Night Fight (35), much less forgetting to put the post up. It's not so much I forgot either, it's just I had alot of family matters to take care of. Damn Carlson Winslow always messing up my plans."

"Plus, I seem to have been running into alot of bad luck, and too much work with my business. I promise, this won't happen again. To make sure I can keep my word, we have made a joint account (obviously) on Destructoid that many people have access to, as well as a new gmail account. There will be a new format for everyone to follow this Friday, and I promise you're all accounted for. So.. to make it up to you wonderful Destructicans, I finally present..."

The Unofficial Destructoid Call of Duty 4 Tournament

I was going to make a separate post, but let's keep it together people.

What : The first Destructoid Tournament to hit the Community blogs on a grand scale, run for the community by the community.

When : April 4th @ 9pm EST. If you don't make it in time, you lose the game.

Where : This is solely an Xbox 360 tournament, and more than likely we will be using the new maps. We will be hosting many different chat rooms from IRC to Vent as well, but it isn't mandatory at all, just for fun!

Who : The tournament will be split into two divisions : Team Death Match and Free for All. There are limited available spots, but we're pretty sure it's enough for everyone.

How : To enter, all you have to do is email [email protected] with COD4 as your subject line. Just don't forget to e-mail your information :


Why? Well, there has been some speculation on whether or not you can win prizes (posters, shirts, games, etc..) and how it's being dealt with. I can assure you there will be all this and more, but my job today is to simply get you guys signed up and ready. There will be much more on this later, including specifics on hosts, teams, and how the winners of each game can win AND get to team up to defeat the makers of their own game. Don't fret, Destructoid. If you can't trust us, who can you trust?


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