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DestructoidArtisans avatar 1:29 PM on 01.14.2011  (server time)
Epic 8-bit Art: Live @ MAGfest Edition

The best part of the marketplaces at cons is meeting the artists involved in the craft. I pressed ganged my husband into taking some pictures. Most of the people pictured are the artisan themselves, but a few coped to just running the booth.
Shadowsinthenyte (That's me)

I'm hiding behind the hat rack for this shot. Our table/crew mate Evilcow is repping his blue slime hat and pimping his candy and baked goods. I'm not terribly happy with how many hats I have for this year. My planned easy semester turned into programming hell. Lets move on.

Magnolia Fern

A Richmond, VA native and returning featured artist, MagnoliaFern make some fantastic polymer clay mini's. Shyguys and Kirby are new for this year. We've still got a set of her OoT equipment.

Dave Lister

Some people say that graphic artist Dave Lister is made completely of sushi. I happen to know that's a lie: there's a bowl of Pho in the mix too.

Gothic Panda Studios

Gothic Panda Studios had a really cool line of "What Would X Do?" video game prints.

Ben "Fizzman" Howard

Ben makes some great clay sculptures. He missed last MAGfest due to living in Japan, but man did he come back strong. I love that Dr. Mario germ statue.

Stitch Please

Stitchplease impressed the hell out of me. And holy $h!t will you look at that Street Fighter cross stitch! That thing must have taken months!

Jim Morlock

I bought one of Jim's "Peels" bottles when they premiered two years ago at MAGfest. It sits on my mantle and is refilled with Mike and Ike's weekly. The text on that thing is hilarious! Also, check out his props; Steampunk goggles FTW.

OK, it's back to the con floor for me. I'll be posting more awesome stuff tomorrow and Sunday.
Wish you were here! ~ Shadowsinthenyte

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