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11:30 AM on 03.13.2011

Winner: The Wearing of the Green

In a rare unanimous decision, the judging panel has chosen HandsomeBeast's Donkey Kong drunk on St. Ives passed out in an Alley as the winner of it's Wearing of the Green contest. Congratulations; your prize is in the mail.   read

7:19 PM on 03.03.2011

New Memeber GET: Stitch Please

Destructoid Artisans wishes to welcome Andrea "Stitch Please" Purcell to it's hallowed halls, where the Valkyries bring the chosen and every night the craft supplies heal back to their original, uncrafted form ready to be use...   read

5:16 PM on 02.25.2011

Contestoid: The Wearing of the Green

Saint Patrick's day is fast approaching. Green beer, pride in Irish culture and getting pinched by that mean kid from second period for forgetting to wear a green shirt. Well the first two were cool. Regarding that last bit w...   read

8:31 AM on 02.19.2011

Epic 8-bit Art: SMB gives me Wood

As far as video game art and crafts go, I think wood is a totally under represented medium. The few pieces I do see tend to be heavily painted and don't allow the natural beauty of the wood to show through. Thankfully Aristom...   read

8:33 AM on 01.16.2011

Epic 8-bit Art: Live @ MAGfest Edition Wrap Up

It's the last day of MAGfest. Closing ceremony is in less than 6 hours. Lets go out with a bang. Sonic9jct I grabbed a shot of Dtoids own Sonic9jct cosplaying as our robot overlord. You know you've got clout when other peo...   read

1:29 PM on 01.14.2011

Epic 8-bit Art: Live @ MAGfest Edition

The best part of the marketplaces at cons is meeting the artists involved in the craft. I pressed ganged my husband into taking some pictures. Most of the people pictured are the artisan themselves, but a few coped to just ru...   read

3:07 PM on 01.12.2011

Epic 8-bit Art: It's what's for Dinner!

*Cough* *Cough* Christ, it's dusty in here. What kind of @$$hole would let things go undone this long....Oh....carry on then, nothing to see here. This post is a mixed bag of only the best VG Artisanal work: First up: Ga...   read

8:49 PM on 03.20.2010

Epic 8-bit Art: The stitch work of Bamiyan

I ran across these tonight and I've been slacking on updating this thing with sweet gamin' craft goodness, so lets get rocking. First off we have Robo from Chrono Trigger. Next it's Coil Snake from Earthbound (FTW). ...   read

8:16 PM on 02.07.2010

Epic 8-Bit Art: Orcarina of Time Mini Items

My husband picked these up from Magnolia Fern Studios at MAGfest. There was quite an assortment, with almost all the inventory items being represented, but you only got your choice of two bags per purchase, so we didn't get a...   read

11:11 AM on 12.10.2009

the rise of the spaztazm

OK so im new here, and im glad to be amungst many great artists! My real names Allyse Ive been making charms,pendants,and small sculptures for a while now. My husband uses this site, hes been here for at least a few years th...   read

10:46 PM on 12.07.2009

Epic 8-bit Art: LeChuck Sprite Tattoo

Video game tats aren't as common as most people think. Sure, there are some epic designs etched into people's skins, but in my opinion nothing comes close to this. This is a complete sprite tattoo of the nefarious LeChuck f...   read

6:36 PM on 11.29.2009

Epic 8-Bit Art: Camille Young's Mother 3 Figurines

(Note: I will stop posting Earthbound/Mother related art when they pry the internet out of my cold, dead hands) If you've been stuck in suspended animation for the last three years: Welcome back! The economy tanked, we got a...   read

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