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Desist avatar 9:32 AM on 08.03.2010  (server time)
Heavy Metal in Space

SometimesÖ No. A lot of times music has a heavy influence on how you like a game and how you remember it. I am personally a big fan of rock, straying mostly into indie and indie-like bands. As a result, anytime I hear anything remotely resembling rock, I get pretty pumped up and excited about whatever is going on. I donít know about everyone else, but if a game is playable and has rock going on in the background, I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

Remember in the opening scenes of Final Fantasy X when that FMV (Full Motion Video) is playing? After a quick, calm dose of backstory, Tidus is getting pumped up for an awesome blitzball game. He opens his eyes, and some heavy metal starts blasting, effectively preparing you for the destruction soon to follow. Amidst the chaos and violence of the raging blitzball battle, more hell breaks loose as Sin rears its ugly and apocalyptic head for the first time. Yeah, that was awesome.

This is that scene I was talking about.

That kind of setup makes me love and want to continue playing a game. As it happens, Iím also a huge fan of the Black Mages, a progressive rock band fronted by none other than Nobuo Uematsu that plays Final Fantasy music. Also not really related to this, Iím a fan of Owen Pallet, the band formerly known as Final Fantasy.

Anyway, I would like to create a game/see a game completely filled with rock music and not be a game about music. In particular, I want a game to consist of songs from my favorite band, Muse. Museís music has a number of space themes, apocalypse themes, and political conspiracies, so Iíd make the game an apocalyptic, sci-fi with a lot of conspiracies. They also have a decent bit of more classical inspired pieces as well as other types of music not commonly found in the rock genre. So, I believe they have enough musical scope to cover a game with a wide enough variance of moods to help move along the character plots. Itíd be ideal to match up whatever was going on in the game with whatever song was playing. Also, Iíd like the game to be an action platform/shooter/role-playing game and have a first-person shooter mode. Think of it as the result of the Devil May Cry Series and the Xenosaga seriesí one night stand.

I actually wanted this to be a picture of Dante and KOS-MOS in a hospital room, but it was not to be.

But letís be a bit practical. How would anyone be able to afford the rights to one or more of their songs? Well first of all, bands are starting to become quite generous nowadays, so maybe they would just hand them over. Ok thatís probably highly unlikely. If that doesnít work, then offer to allow them a lot of say on what goes on in the game. Maybe even get them to write parts of the plot or design some levels. Also, offering the band a sizeable portion of the profits probably wouldn't hurt, and this game would profit.

I know some of you are thinking, ďBut this sort of thing has already been done?Ē Yes, I know. Jack Black has that game Brutal Legend, but Jack Black is goofy. The game looks a bit goofy, and although Iím sure it might be fun to play, I couldnít take it seriously enough to spend money on it. Then there are the 50 Cent games. Iíve heard good things about them, but being serious was not one of them. I also think a lot of other games cover the same areas. My proposed game would be for more intelligent serious gamers, and of course, being a Muse fan wouldnít hurt.

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