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Derek Gillies avatar 8:15 PM on 03.01.2011  (server time)
Hatching Soon: Steve Grand's Return to Artificial Life with 'Grandroids'

Remember Creatures the lovable virtual life 'game' starring the way too cute digital critters known as Norns that you could teach and raise and even breed? Creator slash Lead Programmer Steve Grand does, and he wants to take it all a step further with Grandroids, his ambitious one man attempt to revisit the incredibly detailed simulation and then take it deeper.

This time he's aiming for an even more complete model of life, building on over a decade more theory and thought he has put into the subject. The result will no doubt be interesting to those who spent countless hours fussing over their little Norn buddies back in the 90s and the still vibrant Creatures fan-base who even to this day work on mods. However he does need help!

To fund this rather ambitious effort Steve has opened up a Kickstarter account to ask his fans for help in funding the one-man production and keeping himself working hard at coding this new form of life. 'Donors' don't just get the smug satisfaction though - they also get 'prizes' ranging from a simple postcard for the lowest bids, preorders and beta access for the game, and even lunch with Steve for the handful of slots open to donations over $1000 - already snatched up as of the time of writing. Creatures fans are nothing if not devoted!

Good luck to Mister Grand and his visionary work.

UPDATE: It's been an exciting week for Steve over at Kickstarter. Not only was the target for his project funding met well ahead of schedule, but it has also ballooned up to nearly $40,000 with an entire month left to go! Fans can still get in on the funding action if they want to be a part of the super special beta testers team or just show their support.

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