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Dennis C Scimeca's blog

11:48 AM on 09.13.2010

I'll save the a minute...

Going through a role playing game has some distinct and obvious phases I've identified over 30+ years of playing them. In the noob stage, we’re just learning the combat mechanics and taking our first tenuous steps into the ...   read

10:49 AM on 08.30.2010

Setting money on fire

Not too long ago I wrote about the lavish launch budget that Activision is affording Call of Duty: Black Ops, and how this felt like a ridiculous waste of money to me. Last week I began to read stories about the Halo: Reach...   read

9:08 AM on 08.16.2010

Teh Bias: Realistic Military First Person Shooters

As a World War II history enthusiast and someone who is fascinated with the military, I prefer my first person shooters to be set in historical conflicts or some semblance of the modern world. I don’t ask for them to be “re...   read

10:56 AM on 08.10.2010

Nazis Good, Taliban Bad?

Electronic Arts and DICE are catching flak in some corners for calling the upcoming Medal of Honor “just a game” in reference to concerns about gamers “playing as the Taliban” in the multiplayer modes. Hold on just a second....   read

2:26 PM on 08.05.2010

What the hell does "AAA title" mean?

I'm a writer. I like words. I also like words to mean something, and preferably the same thing every time they are used, or at the very least within the same context. And I can't quite figure out what the hell "triple-A tit...   read

2:50 PM on 06.24.2010

Lessons learned from my first E3

Nailing down impressions of the Expo is challenging because the event has so much to throw at you, but E3 feels a little ridiculous now that I've gone through it personally. Take, for example, "Best of Show" awards. To the ...   read

12:15 PM on 06.13.2010

Who is the gaming press speaking to?

In late April, I wrote a piece criticizing the insular nature of the video game media. I look back on it now as an expression of my learning curve in terms of how this industry works, and the economic realities of trying to...   read

9:09 PM on 06.08.2010

Vanquish ZOMG...really?

A bunch of news stories hit the press yesterday about the Vanquish trailer which shows gameplay that will "make mouths drop" (VG247), is "awesome" (GameSpot), and of course there's Jim Sterling's ("zomg") here on Destructoid....   read

10:36 AM on 06.07.2010

When games actually ARE art

Corey Arcangel is a Brooklyn-based contemporary artist who has made a name for himself incorporating digital technology into his work. I attended his show The Sharper Image back in April at the Museum of Contemporary Art N...   read

9:50 PM on 06.03.2010

Pick a story, please.

I don’t always mind hearing “the company line” from a publisher. It takes balls to feed the gaming press something which the journalist and publisher both know is bullshit. It’s not comfortable for either of them, but serve...   read

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