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Dennen's blog

10:58 PM on 12.17.2009

Modern Warfare 2

I haven't done this in a while, but I do feel the need to rant about this game. First things stated, I own the PC version and I feel it to be a pale shadow of what it could have been. Yes it sold well, but that doesn't nece...   read

1:58 PM on 08.07.2009

Is Rage Unique?

I had read Game Informer, and a post-up of new screens of Rage had caused me to finally voice out my opinions on Rage. Of course, there's going to be people who sheerly hate on my opinion simply due to the fact that I am say...   read

11:30 AM on 06.18.2009

A Strange Blend: RPG+

Greetings everyone. I was sitting around today, reminiscing on the games that I miss from my childhood. I played it, it stuck with me and I continue to enjoy it to this very day. It was something that I was not expecting, ...   read

1:30 PM on 06.14.2009

Looking Back: Resident Evil 5

Sitting around today, I wondered what I could do for a blog. And I figured that since I am playing games to 100%, i'll write blogs entries on those games as I see them. Not so much a review as it is a point out of things th...   read

12:41 PM on 06.14.2009

The Peripheral Left Out

A short background of my experience with gaming peripherals. I was first a major PC gamer before I really considered Consoles to be where I did most of my gaming. These days, they're about even and both had their bonuses. ...   read

11:37 PM on 06.10.2009

My Greatest Multiplayer Peeve

I've got to say. I can take the kids that run around screaming "PWNED!", gets on my nerves when it was actually a lucky shot or a near victory. But nosir. My greatest annoyance are foul mouthed kids, particularly when they...   read

2:15 AM on 06.10.2009

Trophies: Addiction and Bad Implementation

What's up everyone. At first I figured i'd post something in the manner of this rant on the forum. But seeing as how blogs seem to be the thing to do around here lately, I figured what the hell and i'll just make my first b...   read

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