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Demtor avatar 9:07 AM on 05.23.2008  (server time)
What a Horrible Night To Have a... Crossover?

Intrigued? I hope so. No, this isn't me having fun with photoshop again. This is an actual creation of my brother's from 11 years ago. I thought I'd share this with you guys as I think its pretty sweet and fellow retro junkies might get a kick out of it.

For those that don't know, the picture below is Castlevania 2: Simon's Quest for the NES...

And this is Super Castlevania 2...

Yes, that is Birdo from Super Mario Bros. 2 and the Eggplant Wizard from Kid Icarus. Tell me now, who hasn't wanted to whip the holy hell out of each of those guys? Notice too the classic Belmont garb instead of tight black leather pants. They provide a much more comfortable flow for the whip snap action while giving you the ability to avoid looking like a lead singer of an 80's hair band.

New sprites for items and enemies all taken from other classic NES games. The story is completely rewritten from every character dialog to all three of the endings, which I wrote. It seems that a bunch of famous Nintendo characters have been trapped inside of Castlevania 2! Oh no! Will they ever make it back to their own games?

You can find more pics and details here. Warning - The site is 11 years old so its a little rough on the eyes but the pictures of all the changes are worth it. Plus there is music from the entire game to be found and the actual remade game itself. Enjoy!

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