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Demtor avatar 8:39 PM on 07.25.2008  (server time)
The Punisher Is Back Mother*#$%er's (NVGR)

Not sure how many comic/movie nerds that we have amongst the D-Toid readers, but I'm thinking more than enough to warrant a blog on this.


Now I know... it looks somewhat cheesy with THAT much violence but you know what... I say fuck it! There is no way they could top Batman and the Watchmen (verdict is still out but I'm hopeful) for intelligent comic book depictions, so why not? Lets have some balls out violence that the Dark Knight was missing. We need some more bad assery guts and gore in our movies!

Why not? All these horror torture porn flicks can get away with it? Why can't I enjoy a bloody gun fight as opposed to Saw or The Hills Have Eyes. Bring on the new Punisher movie... lets hope they make it an R.

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