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Demitri Girl avatar 9:29 PM on 08.25.2009  (server time)
Support a new Darkstalkers Game!

Hey everyone! I've noticed that our campaign has gotten recognition on Joystiq and eventhubs and I've seen a few blogs around here as well and I was hoping that you all would assist in our campaign we have going on at the Capcom Unity website about having an HD Remix version of Darkstalkers being ported to PSN/XBL and even Wii(don't want to leave out the Wii users)! A new game hasn't been created for the series in 10+ years and some characters have been featured in crossovers such as the Marvel vs Capcom series, the Capcom vs SNK series, and now most recently Tatsunoko vs Capcom and Cross Edge. After seeing these guest appearances, some fans have wondered "When will there be a new game?". I was and still am one of those fans. But about a month ago, a member of Unity decided to become the start of the DS movement by posting a question in the "Ask Capcom" forums if there was a chance of an HD remix possible. Christian Svensson, the vice president, asked "Is this something people want to see?" That question right there started an entire movement. Quite a number of fans posted saying "Of course we want to see it!" and even to this day people are signing up on the website just to post on that thread to show their support.

On Unity, there's a member (who I refer to as my Seargant XD) named Koria who custom makes support avatars and he can pretty much make anything you'd like! There are a good number of us who "wear" these avatars proudly and other members are taking notice and requesting avatars and even making some of their own. Why just literally a moment ago I saw one! Our campaign is growing...and I'd love for all of the Darkstalkers supporters here at Destructoid to become a part of it. Please do not believe your voices will fall upon deaf ears for remember, Street Fighter 4 was made possible by fan support. If we rally up enough support, which I'm confident we will, then we will have what we've been awaiting for the past 10+ years. So please feel free to sign up at Capcom Unity and post here:

Also, if you'd like, you can join the Darkstalkers group and post at the other support threads:

Thank you all for reading and I hope to see you on Unity ^_^.

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