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Demitri Girl avatar 12:26 PM on 08.29.2009  (server time)
New Games to be Announced at TGS;Darkstalkers Campaign Video

I am extremely excited for next month because TGS is coming up! I've always looked foward to TGS ever since I was younger and I'm especially excited this year because of the hype surrounding the support for an HD Remix of Darkstalkers and a new game. It's really no secret on Unity that Capcom has been working on a top secret game for months now and we've all been speculating wondering what it is. While visiting Eventhubs today to see what others were hoping what would be announced, two titles kept being mentioned: Darkstalkers HD Remix/HD Chronicle and Darkstalkers IV/Vampire IV. The hype is growing >]....I'm very happy to hear that our campaign is doing very well and that others are hoping both or either of those two are announced at TGS. I'm also hoping for a new Rival Schools!

Now onto the video; I created this last night using Windows Movie Maker. Note:The images in this video are not mine and the music is from the Night Warriors/Vampire Hunter soundtrack. Let me tell you it was very troublesome attempting to convert the video and it took me almost an hour to figure out how to make the video a WMA file. You have to publish it onto your computer. .....I'm pretty sure most would guess to do that on their first try. Anyway! I'm encouraging you all to send this video around and post it anywhere you can think of, whether it be anime and other game messageboards, blogs, Facebook, Myspace, etc. Show it to other fans of the series and to those who are interested(and try to sway others hehe)!


PS: If the embedded video doesn't work, view it on Youtube.

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