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Demios's blog

10:21 PM on 04.01.2009

I need D'toid's help! For Reals...

Sad Panda indeed. Its my birthday on Monday and my girlfriend, bless her heart, had pre-ordered Guitar Hero Metallica (360 version...Region Free ftw!) as my birthday present aeons ago. Now it turns out not only will it not...   read

10:58 AM on 03.17.2009

Happy Paddy's day me laddies/lassies!

As a proud Irishman, this is the one day of the year when i can take a day to reflect on the awesomeness of the country i was born in and love everyday living in! It also makes me happy to see that alot of the world, im talk...   read

4:33 AM on 02.17.2009

The Lost and Damned...1 hr in.

Firstly let me just say that i am writing this only one hour in so i have no doubt there will be plenty of nuggets of joy that i have yet to view/play/ hear but let me be the first to say: Game Developers...Ahem...THIS IS H...   read

12:46 AM on 10.27.2008

GH: WT buying advice

So here's the situation... I'm currently in L.A. until Tuesday morning and was trying to buy Guitar Hero WT on the 360 seeing as it's region free and a hell of alot cheaper here. (close to 50-60 dollars worth). I tried the...   read

9:45 PM on 09.22.2008

Question for the Californian D-toiders...

Since i will soon be gracing your amazing country with my presence once again with girlfriend in tow, and seeing that its my first time heading to the west coast (been to Florida and NYC twice) i had a few questions that im...   read

1:11 PM on 09.07.2008

Tool Confirmed for GH IV

*Disclaimer* The sheer awesomeness of this post has brought to you by DRUMMING GOD, Danny Carey! With the recent rumours and the will they or wont they join the alimuni of the new guitar hero, it took a recent press releas...   read

6:20 AM on 07.18.2008

Euro FNF Buzz Edition.

While some people have wanted to try the multiplayer aspect of this game out since its release i figured since im stuck at home tonight after having a tooth extracted (should have heard the crack, brutal!) ill be round this evening if anyone wants to get their Buzz on... PSN: Demios84   read

8:42 AM on 07.12.2008

Keytar Confirmed for Guitar Hero...Well sort of. (Photo/Video Proof)

While doing my daily investigations into finding new tidbits of information with Guitar Hero or Rock Band i came across this interesting video from Amplifier/Effects Pedal makers Line 6's website... Line 6 POD pedal walkthro...   read

7:27 AM on 07.09.2008

Possible RockBand2 Tracks leaked (Now with video proof!)

Out of all the apparent 'leaked' lists appearing online about which tracks are officially in the game or not, i think this ones got some weight to it... Warmup: If You Wanna Get to Heaven - Ozark Mountain Devils Gold Lion...   read

5:51 AM on 06.10.2008

Worst News Ever...(NVGR)

Just heard on the radio that the Prince concert i was due to go to this Monday has been canceled. Jesus im depressed. This guy tours Europe rarely enough and never comes to Ireland and now because the promoters didn't feel li...   read

8:06 AM on 05.27.2008

Who wants to help me out...

With the recent announcement that Hideo Kojima will be be signing copies of the new MGS game in both NYC and London on (11th June and 2nd June respectably). Now i am a avid autograph collector, granted its usually based with...   read

8:19 AM on 05.24.2008

My first Euro FNF

Thanks for a great night playa's! Looking forward to gettin to the Choppa again soon... This is my gift to you! (Incidentally this took me all morning to create, have to get my photoshop chops son!) Quantum Faggio FTW Prof.Pew!   read

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