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Hey Splitscreen, Huh what's that?

The amount of times I've moaned and groaned about how games these days are lacking splitscreen options, although with the recent showing up of Goldeneye has made me think, what did happened.

With the current day and age of console systems the technology has increased rapidly, game are be coming more and more realistic by the years. Also with the internet everything is now online, everyone is becoming antisocial. But what has happened? No more split screen, no more local communal gaming.

The old days of N64, split screen at it's best.

Killzone 2 with it's fancy graphics that's good, although no split screen to see here

So one thing killing split screen is the graphics of games, due to their power hungry nature it is only possible to render it once on one console, I beg to differ if the N64 was capable of rendering the screen 4 times, why not my PS3? Or my Xbox 360?

Eep, The screen is shrinking!

Now it isn't all the time the graphics killing it as Halo 3 is an example of current gen split screen at its best as I know and love it.

Also our beloved Call of duty series has managed to keep the split screen tradition together, I still play this often with friends on my PS3. (Props to Infinity ward and Treyarch!)

So split screen has taken a turn in the past 10 years, from loads to barely any, hopefully the next generation of consoles will provide even more power and be capable of rendering everything 4 times over.

But in the meantime everything isn't so bad as we have this to look for on the horizon:

That's all I have to say, let's hope split screen will manage to live on.
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