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Debeo Laurus's blog

9:36 AM on 08.27.2008

Amazon again

Gold box deals are up again, and it looks like the PS3 guys are the winners today. (I looked this time, hopefully nobody has posted this yet) Link good sirs/madams -   read

10:33 AM on 07.23.2008

Amazon, your the greatest!

Looks like its time for one of's deals to take my monies. So far they've got Wow battle chest for 33% off, and the Diablo battle chest for 30% off. There's going to be three more deals around the times of 10...   read

11:38 PM on 02.20.2008

5 Wii game deals!

"On Friday, February 22, 2008, five Wii video games will be featured as the top five deals in the Gold Box. The identities of each deal will be revealed one at a time. " Looks like Amazon is up to their dirty ...   read

9:28 AM on 11.27.2007

Not so video game related tech thingys.

Awesome little robot thing from Techeblog A new hopeful kind of screen we might all come into contact with soon. Aaand last but not least a new way for music to be made.   read

9:15 AM on 11.14.2007

I will be an Assassin tonight

So, I'm picking up the old Assassin's Creed tonight, still haven't gotten a chance to play my Super Mario Galaxy from last night. Sooo tonight is going to be freakin sweet! I've got the house to myself, that means get the...   read

10:17 PM on 11.13.2007

Super Mario Galaxy

Decided to pick up Super Mario Galaxy earlier today. Had a bit of trouble because of the sub-par customer service by the first three stores that I went into. Its kinda crazy on how on three separate occasions I had to try ...   read

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