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8:28 PM on 12.13.2007

My Mini City

That's my thriving metropolis. Sure, it has less than 10 people but that can change with tourism. If you visit, your view adds a single person to the city. The community will develop and grow more vast with every view. You can only visit and add a townsperson once per day. I think it's pretty cool and it's something to make and put on your myspace or other various blog. If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours. Just be sure to keep crime maintained and have pollution levels low.   read

6:13 PM on 10.15.2007

More G4 News!

Just revealed at 7:15,October 15 is the announcement of covering MLG! They will also show Lost 2.0. And the Hero's announcement? It's gonna have an interactive post show that(i think) lasts an hour long. That will show clips, interviews and all that. So from Covering Major League Gaming to getting Lost(the TV show), is it an uphill battle to the top or are they adding more soil to the grave?

To me, at least they have more gaming related content.   read

8:31 PM on 09.20.2007

The best game in the World is:

I can't say. There is no one game that tops them all. Sure, your opinion may say otherwise and you could come up with 100 reviewers that orgasmed over it too but that does not make it good. Just because the game your thinking of right now is still in your collection, I want you think about this. There is someone out there that hates it. Like Jim Sterling. He LOVES Dynasty Warriors. I FUCKING HATE IT'S REPETITIVE ASS! IT'S THE SAME FUCKING GAME THROUGH 18 ITERATIONS!!!!!! AM I THE ONLY ONE WHO SEE'S THIS???? AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! But that's only opinion. Like when someone says that the PS3 is better or worse then the 360. That's some noobs opinion that everyone blindly follows.

People who say there is a winner in this game war always chooses the side that they've had the most time with. Have you really given thought about it? Every review you've ever read has opinion written all over it. Sadly, we have people who hate game genre's review those kind of games. We have people who don't understand what makes a good game in it's respective genre review it. Let's just say, people who obsess over racing games(besides choosing a new genre) shouldn't review shooters. They have a racing expertise so they should just stick with that.

This is only what I think. Though it would be like a deli shop owner planning the Special Olympics. That guy has never even seen special people before let alone host a sporting event of any kind. That's like having bush as our Commander in Chief(I thought i'd use an easy to follow example). What does this say about me? If you don't know what makes an FPS good, stick to racing games. Go watch some Nascar too(ya redneck!).   read

11:55 AM on 09.19.2007

Bill Nye the Science guy needs a game!

I'm seirous. I want this man:

to have his own game. You know why? I think making insane things out of stuff laying aroung and turning it into something crazy would be refreshing from the FPS's out right now. Damn! Soo many of em. I'm exausted. Anyway, Bill nye would show up on screen and all the NCP's and enemy's would bow to him and hie bowtie of death. Then, he'd rip grass from the ground, put it in some water and toss a few pieces of tin foil in there and that would make a bomb. I'd work too. He would throw it and demolish any carnivores in his path.

Think of it. How rad would that be? Think of all the chemical mixing you could do. Think of the vinegar and baking soda grenades you could make. Think of all the grass cars you could drive that would power up by photosynthesis. Just imagine the possibility of.....ok I ran out of idea's. But it could happen!! What does Gears of War not have? A guy in a lab coat. With a polka dot bowtie. Win.

(I really didn't feel like writing serious criticisms of games today.)   read

3:06 PM on 09.18.2007

Sequels:Good or bad?

As I write this, I think of the countless franchises being forwarded. I think of the 3's and 4's and 5's coming out and I wonder. Why? Why is it a good idea to rely so heavily on a franchise? Look at Naruto. Look at how many of those games come out. They're slapping names on boxes and shipping them out. So many companies rely on characters we already know to push software. They don't need to focus on great gameplay. They don't need to focus on new idea's. They can just slap on a few "new" gameplay tweaks and ship it out.

Look at Madden. How many madden games are out? How many are different from the same game of football you've played over and over. Sure... the game gets better looking and it sounds a bit better but why?? All it is is 11 on 11 Offense and defense with not many features changed at all. I was over a friends house playing Madden. It was a tied game at halftime when I said "Did you get the new madden? I'm kinda tired of playing this." He turned to me with a surprised look on his face and told me "This is new. Look at the box." If that doesn't say anything, i'm not sure what will.

Dynasty Warriors is a great example of this. There are 19 DYNASTY WARRIORS GAMES!!(dynasty warriors Mahjong?[url=]WTF!!/url] These games play the same as the last and all of the games RECYCLE levels. If you love defeating the yellow turban rebellion, get ready to do it 17 more times! I'm going to give you 3 screen shots. If you can tell these apart, GOOD JOB!

That's Dynasty Warriors 2, Dynasty Warriors 5 Xtreme(thats right.WITH AN X!) legends and Dynasty Warriors 5 Empires for the Xbox 360. When I look at that, I see 3 games with the same Yellow Turban level along with the other recycled levels, the same buttons doing the same spin moves and riding the same horses killing the same enemies over and over and over and ov*gunshot*. I can not stand this sin against gamer kind. Who the hell does Koei think we are, a bunch of zombies? Do they think we can get a "new" game because it's "improved"? I can go pick up a copy of the Original Dynasty warriors and get the exact same gameplay cycled through the same 18 games.

Everyone is talking about a Bioshock sequel. I say keep it the ONLY Bioshock. Look at all these games getting undeserved sequels flooding the market. It's the video game crash of 1983 all over again. Please for the love of god don't force gamers through ANOTHER crash. Put some thought in your games and maybe It'll sell better then another franchise.   read

4:26 PM on 09.17.2007

Why Elder scrolls 3:Morrowind GOTY was better then oblivion(get comfy!)

I know this title evokes some hate over me even speaking(or typing), but as a fan of this series, I need to tell you this. Oblivion was nothing compared to Morrowind. I used to think that Oblivion outshone it in every way. Now I know I was wrong. Here's several reasons why:

1). No training Mission
As soon as you got off that boat, you were on your own. It only took about 2 minutes for the guard to escort you off and then, you choose your class and everything we all know. From that point on, you were no one's bitch. You had no obligation to go to the main job and you could pretty much roam around and do anything.

In Oblivion, you had to wait until you worked your way through the sewer before you could get to the meat and potato's and there were a lot of servings. Yet, the game felt so slow at that point. I wanted to get outside and get going. Yet I had to plod through voice-overs and wait until they explained everything. After that small annoyance, the game was open to you just as open to you as morrowind.

2). Auto-leveling NCP's ruin the fighting
You may reject this point, but I had a lot more satisfaction killing things 10 times higher then me in morrowind. When you explored, you got a sense of the power behind the people. You knew the difference from thugs and trained troops. You felt the mighty blows they would land on your level one ass and know not to go there until you level up. You didn't know to what level. You just leveled up and kept trying. That made the loot worthwhile.

Yet, in Oblivion, the combat always felt so one-sided. No matter what battle I ran into, I knew the weaker enemies would fall before me always and the tougher enemies would only take about 3 more blows. That's because, the feature that allows you to aim and swing without missing made the combat feel like swinging instead of skill. No matter what battle I would enter in, I knew my battleaxe would mop them up. I knew that they would die before me, like the other enemies in the other cave did. I'm, not saying the combat was a letdown, It just felt like I didn't need to think things through because I knew the enemies would be a pretty even match, even though I'd kill everything in 1 hit.

3).The teleporting made traveling nonexistent
In morrowind, I ran everywhere there wasn't a strider. I could never get to where I wanted to go. I remember swimming to Solstheim about 5 times. And I loved it everytime. I got to the point where I just said "Fuck the strider, I'm walking!" And off my Orc would go. Running saved me money and found me quests, like exchanging notes between thief and victim, unfreezing a Nord with no clothes from a witches spell, finding a Redguard to lead to a city for healing. It rewarded travel with things to do.

Oblivion, on the other hand, gave you the wonderful feature of teleporting. Traveling? Screw that. I don't need to see all these grass fields and tree's more than once. Missions were almost never stumbled upon, and the perplexing task of finding Nirnroot? The only time I explored at all. The rest of it was going to dungeons and finding the same things, which sloppily leads me to

4). You find one weapon, you've found them all
Morrowind was a weapon whore. I could constantly look for new weapons and find them constantly. I'd have to follow a turtle and dive underwater to kill a thief who stole the king's helm. I had to fight tooth and nail with 3 orc warriors in full combat armor to get any decent gear(might I add by a statue of what I think is their god). I would have to scrap and battle through waves of people to get a 10,000 pound weapon out and be nude and really drunk doing it. Then, I'd come back and rob it again to get more weapon swag.

Oblivion had weapons too, but most of them were enchanted other weapons with armor called something else but looking the same too. There was really no unique reward for fighting through the dungeon. Maybe aleyid(probably spelled wrong) statues that you could give to the collector. When that's done, then what? The statues gave you some alright gear but I always had something better.

5). The 24/7 system really didn't change much.
Morrowind had all characters that were in the game standing around outside. Oblivion had them walking around. I don't see the improvement. If I took the time to follow them, maybe they'd do something interesting. Even if they had places to go, it looked like they didn't even care. They plowed through whatever was in their way, unless it was you, then they stoped for a few seconds and moved on. Sure, they'd talk to a few people for 2 or 4 lines of dialog, but they never went to the shops or traveled anywhere. Everyday, when i'd see them, they'd be walking the same route with no variation. It's just as bad as them standing there.

Sure, Oblivion shines in some area's, but to me, great graphics and great sounds don't mean great game. It was fun for a while, but I kept Morrowind GOTY for 2 years and played it constantly. I played Oblivion for 4 months and moved on. I felt letdown. The arena was a pushover, the mages guild was easy to get into even if you weren't a mage, and the game STILL has a glitch preventing me from getting Grandmaster of the fighters guild. For this, I cannot forgive oblivion. I'm more happy with an older decent looking gal compared to it's better looking younger sister because there's more personality.   read

1:36 PM on 09.16.2007

What's the diffrence between violence and gore in games?

As I write this, I'm looking at the Manhunt 2 wikipedia. If you haven't heard, the game has been toned down from AO to M. This is because of a few factors I won't divulge.

When I read what they took out, that is for the Non link conformists out there, is ripping a mans balls out with pliers and blurring the major death animations. What is the difference between Death and Major Death? I read that and I was stumped. Is that like Gears of War, when a Major death is Ownage+Pwnage+Chainsaw? Is that the grotesque gibbing in most games when you fire a missile? I never really understood that. Manhunt 2 is all about death and gore, so when I looked at the IGN trailers for it(thats right. All 3!)I concluded that it's going to be violent disembowelment and/or rape. Yet when I looked at what was being blurred, it was the kill scenes that the original manhunt had.(thats right.All 3!)

Wasn't that the whole point of it in the first place? It's the Hostel and Saw of video games. The unofficial tale of violence and gore wrapped in a bloody package. Hopefully, Manhunt 2 will progress a little faster in storyline then those movies. If developers can't make a game thats suppose to be over-the-top gore fest, why not? Saw and Hostel(and its sequel) are ultra violent. Yet kids underage can get in and see that too. Hell, if they have a parent that goes with them, they can get into anything. The blame always falls with the parents. The ESRB was pressured by Jackass Thompson
(thanks HertzaHaeon)
to slap an AO rating on Manhunt 2 because it was coming out for Wii. I don't think parents would care if it was on PS3 but because it was coming out on shelves next to Wiiplay and ExciteTruck, it drew all this controversy.

You see, Jack Thompson cares about your kids. He does the thing that you don't do at home to your kids. With all this flaming going on, I agree that kids shouldn't play this.WAIT A MINUTE! If i said that, then I mean don't release it right? Wrong. I want it to come out on Wii. If you SAY the title, you know whats it about. If you say Saw, you get a rough estimate about what it's going to be. At the end of the day, it's about kids buying the game with the parents money. It's about the parents not supervising what their kids watch on TV or let them see whatever movies they want. It always falls on the person even making the possibility of getting the game.

The boxes have the ESRB ratings on them for a reason. That reason is to tell parents what's in the game. They do their job well because every box has a reting right on it saying what's on it. I'm going to get up and grab the first game box I see...........Crackdown.

It's rated M for:
[b]1).Blood and Gore
That's accurate.
2).Intense Violence
I have killed somebody by throwing a corpse at them so yea.
3).Sexual Themes
Whore in Miniskirt? Check!
4).Strong Language
I can see why they said that.
5).Use of Drugs
That's in there. Stopping drug cartels.
Game experience may change during Online Play
Sure it can. I've heard it myself.

The thing I didn't say is the 17+ in the upper right-hand corner. I did mention the M on the box so that tells you the upper right-hand corner. If a parent buys this game for their children, it's not the fault of gaming companies, it's of parents. Why should a company change anything because of the ignorant consumer? You see thousands of people going into debt every year because they buy what they can't afford. So do you sue the furniture store because you needed that Grand Oak Cabinet and matching Chairs. It's because of people spending too much, not because of what they spend it on.

So in summation, what I said here is this:

READ THEM! THEY ARE THERE FOR YOUR READING PLEASURE! Thank you for your valuable freetime.   read

12:27 PM on 09.16.2007

Controversy=better than a commercial

You know whats so funny? Articles and TV reports about violent games. They try to tell people not to buy, yet they already send half of their viewer base to get it. Take GTA for example. When the hot coffee mod was revealed, they had it on every news outlet from coast to coast. The only thing that did was tell people "Hey! if you buy this game, you can watch pixel on pixel sex! Don't buy it though. In other news.."

You wonder why games are trying to be over the top these days. It's because of controversy being free advertising. Hell, If I get into the position to make games and something I make gets attacked for being too shocking, i'm encouraging the controversy. I'll make it worse. You know why?
Because controversy is free advertising.   read

5:50 PM on 09.15.2007

[insert wit here]

What's with games today half-assing dialog and storyline? Every game I play recently throws in the standard "Explain plot through cutscene then player plays then another cutscene" formula. Why do I need to beat a level to learn the deeper plot points? Is there anyway to mix plot and playable together? I hope to god there's a way because if games evolve, the cutscene needs to go the way of the Dodo.   read

8:45 PM on 09.13.2007

Go Betas!

I think Beta's are the way to go with games. Fuck E3, release a Beta. Wouldn't it be great if all of the game companies just made their games Betable? I understand some games can't get the Beta treatment, but with Reserving orange box and getting a TF2 beta to playing the CoD 4 beta, I just think that should be the new thing in video games. Plus, it's better then throwing a huge money draining press party. What do you guys think?   read

5:19 PM on 09.11.2007

What makes a good game?

It's all of you. The gamers. Some of you make games. Some of you review them. Some of you just play them. But the truth is the gamers have all the power in this industry. You know why E3,Tokyo game show and the rest exist? To tell gamers about the game so they can tell other gamers.

Q).But what about the game makers? Don't they have power? They release the games don't they?
A).They do release the games. Yet, they would leak data on the shelves and self destruct after the idle limit hit if it wasn't for the people clawing them off the shelves. If you didn't buy them, why would they need to make another? That's because game developers think they can just recycle most ideas through multiple releases of the same game but with better graphics. The developers think they can make everything shiny but completely ignore things like control or gameplay. They think they can get big names behind it to boost sales. Well you know why they think they can do that? Because gamers gobble it up like crack rocks.

Take Dynasty warriors. That's a good example of what I was talking about. Every game I see is the same game. It doesn't matter what game. Pick one. Now look at another. What do you see? Chances are it's the same battles with the same characters and the same button mashing gameplay. Yet why the hell do you still buy it? It's the same game everytime and it flies off store shelves like it drank a Redbull. It's because of the fanboys people.

Fanboys are the sin. Because fanboys are uninformed gamers who buy out of the same love and the same opinion they had about the first one. They refuse to accept other gamers telling them the truth. They look at the first game and say "Mine forever". They buy out of blind admiration and deaf lullabies. They buy out of the eternal promise of fun forever, whenever. It's the fanboys who ruin the industry and flood it with rushed projects and halfassed ideas.

Making games should be about giving an idea all the time it needs to grow into a masterpiece. What if Bioshock came out sooner? There wouldn't be everyone saying that game owns. I wouldn't have it in my 360 ready to play after i'm done typing this and eating dinner. That game had a lot of time to make and it showed. Now i'm not a developer or in the gaming business(though I always want to), but If you want to spend loads of money on something, shouldn't you get time to work on it? Why halfass half a mil? Why make paper swans out of those 100's when you could be spreading them out to everyone? Games cost money so they should cost equal talent and quality.

So what's your favorite game?   read

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