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Deathkiller's blog

11:45 AM on 01.30.2013

New Steam Greenlight Stats Reveal Toxic Community of "no" voters in majority.

These are the stats for the game that is in the 73rd slot of the top 100 games on greenlight. After months of aggressive marketing campaigns across Steam Communities (The only thing which manages to cause the % to increase ...   read

7:30 PM on 01.22.2010

Addicting new puzzle game is Motion 9 Studios' debut title!

Jacksonville, Florida - 21/1/2010 - Many puzzle games have come out since Tetris, some of which involve falling blocks, some of which involve folding space. At the end of the day though, the truly accessible puzzle games ar...   read

1:36 PM on 02.05.2008

Smash Bros. Final Smashes Revealed!

Balance, it's something that's typically sought after in various games, especially multi-player games. Balance is something that's clearly very difficult to plan out and it requires hours of play to find that balance and work...   read

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