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Ian Boswell lives in Jacksonville, FL.
He's an artist, animator, web designer, programmer, and psychologist. He currently consults and works in mobile app and game development at Motion9Studios.
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Jacksonville, Florida - 21/1/2010 - Many puzzle games have come out since Tetris, some of which involve falling blocks, some of which involve folding space. At the end of the day though, the truly accessible puzzle games are ones which often are described as "Tetris-like". Unlike many video games, though, Tetris has a certain magic about it that makes it fun and interesting even to people who don't necessarily enjoy playing video games as a past time. This same magic is back and this time it's in an entirely new puzzle game experience!

"Flinger Frenzy", developed by Motion 9 Studios was released to the iTunes app store as of January 20, 2010. At a cost of 2.99 based soley on gameplay quality most critics have called it a gamble to rely on generating a fanbase from nowhere. To increase sales and get the word out about Flinger Frenzy they are putting the game on sale. Starting this Friday and running through the entire weekend until the 25th of January, 2010 it will be on sale at a special debut price of just 99 cents! It received a 3.5 out of 5 stars from AppStruck. Motion 9 Studios has been hard at work for several months honing its skills and devising formulas for creating games which they, as gamers themselves, like to play.

Lead director Ian Boswell (a psychologist-turned game developer who has worked in the game development industry for 5 years and wrote a thesis on video game 'addiction') explains, "When we started Motion 9 Studios it was in the same vain as any other small business, but we are particularly focused on quality video game development. We don't just limit ourselves to video game production, however. We have graphic novels, a recipe book, and other projects currently in development for both the iPhone and Droid. With Flinger Frenzy, specifically, we found a game which was, by itself, very hard to put down. We had to pick it up and publish it on the spot. I would dare to go so far as to call it 'addicting' and the simple control scheme has driven even non-gamers to sit and play with it on their iPhones for hours. What we intent to do eventually is evolve the game so as to add more synesthesia-based content like dynamic background skins and an awesome soundtrack."

With its intuitive control scheme and good reception so far it seems Flinger Frenzy is definitely worth checking out, especially if you're a casual gamer or a fan of puzzle games. Some Youtube videos of Flinger Frenzy in action are currently up and available for viewing at the Company's Youtube Profile: It's on sale for this weekend only (for now) so now is the best time to get hours of playtime for just 99 cents. If you're browsing via a computer we suggest you visit for more information and app store links.

If you are on your iPhone you can visit the app store link for Flinger Frenzy directly here:

Motion 9 Studios, a company founded by video game designers from around the world and based on the East Coast United States, has managed to develop a long line of quality products, though most are only in early Alpha and Beta stages they clearly have a lot of potential for growth. Growth which they hope will begin by testing the waters with the revolutionary puzzle game "Flinger Frenzy" which they claim is not only hard to put down but which could even attract "non-gamers" and "Tetris fans."

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