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5:02 AM on 11.17.2007

My Need For Speed: Pro Street Review Yaay!

Well today I picked up Need for Speed: Pro Street for 360. It seemed like a good idea at the time anyway, well I put the game in and the intro video played which I might add was pretty awesome. The cut scene's are just as good as the actual game play IMO. When I was practicing for my first real race I was just running into stuff, who wouldn't, and then I realized that there was this awesome jump ,dirt hill off the course, where I could get some air. Well seeing as my car was F'ed up the A from me being a dumb explicit I started to gain speed to this so called "Jump" and then my hood just flew off my car like WHOOSH! I sat there like ZOMG DOPE!, of course i was still driving to the jump. As i watched the hood fly off my POS car I then hit the jump around 84MPH which set me flying into the air and into the ground like a sack of dead babies. "TOTALED" came up on my screen and i said that was awesome, to bad I don't have theater mode...The physics of the damage done to the car are nice. When you happen to be going over, God knows how fast, the body kit start to shake and wobble like plastic which is quite impressive for NF.

Well for the beginning first race like all NFS's you get some random "donkey" *caughasscaugh* car they think you should start off with, just this time it was a Nissan 240sx. You then race and win, of course because all of you should be pro race car drivers right? Anyway after that you end up going to this event called Battle Machine where there are four (4) events. Two of them being Drag races, Time Attack and Grip.

Time Attack:
Get the Best time then the other Asian drivers, because we all know them Asians can't drive worth shit.

Race like your a black man being chased by the cops but with more control than a Buick on 24" rims.

Drag Race:
Get to the finish line before the other SoB does. Three (3) Tries to get top time.

Those happen to be the only four (4) events that I have played but like all NFS, SPOILER! you race cars around. Anyway the Drag Racing has improved from the last few NFS games. When you pull up the Announcer begins to talk about...Then you end up having to warm up your tires which helps gripage on the track. You have to use your acceleration trigger aka RT to follow this bar that moves back and forth...sorta to get your burn out up. They give you about 60 seconds to do this. After you have phailed horribly you wait for the secksay lady to start the race. You shift and go fast to win the race! yaay.

Now onto the Car selection, Tuning, other Bull Sh*t. First off don't buy the car packages off the market place on XBL, you can earn them by going through the game supposedly.

Choosing a car:
It was kind of depressing seeing as some of your beloved drifting cars are not allowed to drift! WTF! Subaru WRX STi being one (1) of them. Also if you buy the market place car bundles you can buy them for nothing! but you also sell them for nothing, so you can't "Farm for gold...Lightning Bolt!". The cars do look pretty though.

Upgrades and Customization:
Seeing as this is more realistic than other NFS games you get to customize just about damn near everything! what? wanna fight about it? Anyway, You can customize your body kits and other aerodynamics for the best performance it can have. Wind Tunnel you say? Yes, there is one! You can put your car into a wind tunnel and try and set up four (4) zones for your front bumper and two (2) zones for just about everything else to improve your cars performance on the track.

The upgrades for your car can either be paid for by ca$h you earn through the game or you can use your Microsoft points to buy them. Which is a unique feature for a game. Although the downfall for that is having that twelve (12) year old kid having his parents buy him Microsoft points just to show off and be a tard. Also to say explicit words he just learned that day, like beeeeep, beep, beeeep, and of course beeeeeeeeeeep.

There is also a quick upgrade system that you can use to purchase two (2) packages. Power and Traction packages should speak for themselves but I will fill you in. Power will upgrade all the stuff that will improve your top speed and acceleration. Traction package will tune your brakes, suspension, and tires for epic win! It is meant for the people who don't want to spend that much time into actually tuning there beast of a car.

The vinyl and paint in the game are like any other game but the paint has a few more options. I think Iridescent, Pearlescent, Chrome, and Candy paint make your car look extra clean.

Altogether this game would be a recommend for people who enjoy racing games. It brings some decent graphics to the table and also some new features to play around with. The game like all racing games still have some faults but shouldn't keep you from picking up this title.

Also thanks to Mandizzle for helping me dot my eye's and cross my tea's

Actual picture from game (Used my camera phone...I phail)



8:15 PM on 09.07.2007

Complete awesome.

So a few weeks ago ron had incited me to come out to to meet him and some others / awesome people. (which includes tiff and her awesomeness). Anyway, I had an awesome time, Drank just a few beers...just a few, Ate a lot of food (and husky multiple times), and yada yada. Also after walking away getting food and coming back I can now remember who all was there! well names anyway...Ron, CTZ, Husky, Tiff, Charlie( who happens to live under a bridge), and the wet Tristero.

Next Paragraph...

Anyway...We all hung out and played teh video games. The day I had and meeting everyone there was just so awesome! I'm quite glad I skipped that day of college to go to it. I even got to touch Ron's beard! It was epic...and soft...sorta. Can you say well groomed man? I sure can't because I'm Asian. Well anyway presentations were awesome, games = awesome, beer and alcohol awesome! The little party thing after everything was done, at this great event, was even better because of free beer, food, and hotdog girl lulz(hopefully Charlie has a picture of her :P).

Blah paragraphs...

The hotel Ron stayed at was very nice and no ID check at the bar...The pool felt pretty damn good also. When I left for the night I was driving and realized I had a flat at around 3:00 a.m. w00t awesome. I changed that bitch and drove my ass home which I didn't get there til around 4:30 a.m. and had work at 8:00 a.m.


Anyway my time with everyone was awesome. I would like to thank Ron for letting me the Boom Mic Guy / Asian Railroad worker slave. Also Thanks to everyone that was there at this press event. Apologize to Husky and eating him one to many times. Thank you Tiff for pointing out that extremely cute Asian girl! Thank you Charlie for letting me use your camera to take a picture of a toilet and Ron's crotch. Thanks to CTZ for being him and letting me sit next to him while I harassed him...sexually. Thank you Tristero for being awesome!



7:25 PM on 07.29.2007

Halo: Arms Race

This looks fucking awesome!!!!   read

3:34 PM on 07.29.2007

Wisdom Teeth Conspiracy?

Did I really need to get them out? probably not. Did they bother me? not at all. So why in the hell would I have them pulled? because a Dr. told me to? of course. Well now I'm fucking stuck with eating soups and shit when I want to eat steak and kill baby cows for dinner! It's kinda like the medicine we take or even milk? do you know of any other animal that drinks milk after about 6 months besides us? nope. Unless you can find something and prove me wrong.

Pills you take!? Probably not the best unless its like ecstasy or Pain killers. But imo Dr's want your money and will tell you that taking these will make you better when really you can take some all natural capsules and get better also.


FUCK I'M HUNGRY! damn wisdom teeth...   read

6:44 PM on 07.28.2007

MMORPG and the pain they bring.

Ok so I have played FFXI and WoW for about 4-5 years, but I have stopped playing them for a few months. I have noticed that 2 of my friends who have wives have been wanting to go out and need more attention now-a-days. Could it be that the husbands are not putting out enough in the attention department or the bed?

As FFXI has said in the attention or warning label, you should not let this game effect your Real life and should spend time with your family and/or school work. I cant help but notice that this brings back issues that EQ had with breaking up families. Statistics I found

Sorry to bring up an old subject but it is true sometimes for some people MMORPG's can just about ruin your RL life! like damn....   read

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