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Dead Pixel Society Announcement Blog


Hey Destructoid! Krow here. Ever since Destructoid's regular Games Time Forgot feature drifted quietly into the night, I've been trying to think of a way to fill the gaping hole that has been left in my Dtoid heart. After a couple of months of quiet thinking and a sudden revelation that came to me several hours after sleep deprivation had kicked in, I think I've come up with the answer.

That answer is the Dead Pixel Society: a group composed of my fellow Destructoiders. Our mission? Unearth forgotten games and reevaluate them, hopefully opening up the Destructoid community to new experiences.

You can find more info here

Anyone interested in joining should navigate to this page. Request an invitation letting me know who you are on Destructoid, and I'll add you into the group. You can also feel free to drop your email address in the comments, and I'll manually add you myself.

Hope to see some of you in there! Thanks for reading!
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