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hi. my name is sam.
i'm fifteen.
i like writing, so i decided to come back to my blog here.

i don't have a lot of time on my hands usually.
my schedules full, i barely even have time for games lately.
but i've been making my efforts. etc. etc.

i return!
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Alright, well its been a little while...I had some PS2 disc read problems, made a few fixes (slamming it into the ground a few times is more like it) and am back! I've done three flash review plays. Just to write the actual reviews now!

Alright. First is Kingdom Hearts.
I've played this before, but never finished it.
I got to around Traverse Town. Theres a lot of cutscenes really. I started off the game sort of excited to play it, but then got into it again after realizing how much I used to love it. But the storys a bit odd at first...I didn't really remember anything from the first time around so I couldn't use that as previous knowledge. I didn't really get what was going on. Where did this island come from? How did all the characters get here? Why the fuck are these Square Enix and Disney worlds colliding into one?

I didn't get an answer in my first hour. Not at all. But I did get some fun gaming and some fun characters.

A few highlights:
I particularly enjoyed just exploring the island (small as it is) doing the menial tasks for Kairi.
I liked getting into combat duels with the kids on the island and eventually with the Heartless towards the end of this very simple beginning chapter.
Another thing I enjoyed was the little rivalry you have with Riku over Kairi, the "cute" girl that your character, Sora, a kid who looks like a Final Fantasy-Disney main character hybrid clone with some massive fucking shoes, is apparently in love with. It sort of seemed nostalgic to me, oddly. Especially cuz I always lost. Thats the real nostalgic part.

I also realized how much I hate Donald Duck's voice. Dear God.

So, not much to say really.
I don't think Kingdom Hearts lives up the hype in the first hour, but I seem to remember it getting way better once you get to your different worlds and fun combat business. Oh well.

Alright, well I was about a day late uploading this because of tennis practice and other bullshits, but whatever. I sat down for about an hour and fifteen minutes the other day to play MGS2 and I really only played for about an hour but the cutscenes extended it a bit.

I started playing on normal difficulty, watching all the cutscenes and sitting through all the codec conversations. i want the full experience, the same one I got when I first beat the game several years ago, a great experience I hold in very high regard. From the start, I instantly get into the story and am suddenly thrust back into that espionage filled world of the series that just pulsates with energy and enthusiasm.

I must say, the music helps even more. I love it.

I got all the way through the beginning (introduction) part as Snake, which is a part I have almost memorized because of the many runthroughs that barely make it past that I've done. But I slaved through it, but I suppose it was a good kind of slavery. The best kind. The kind that shines through the pains like some awesome game, like Metal Gear Solid fucking Two.

The graphics are a bit dated for 2009, I guess, but I still love them, they still hold up, and way better than GTA3 I must say (early). The character voices, the audio, the music as I previously mentioned; everything is all superb. I really think it deserves all the credit it got.

A few gripes I had were really ones that resulted from me either being too used to the much improved control scheme of MGS4 or just me sucking at videogames. I got caught one time towards the end of the introduction because I hit x once and expected to move in a crouched position, but instead moved right into the prone one, and was too slow to avoid a Marine. Oh well. My fault, eh?

All in all, I'd say that my "first" hour of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty was a completely enjoyable one, one that I'd gladly do again. Just kidding. It does get a bit boring after all the times I've done it. Now, on to the next flash review!

Haven't been here in a while, but I'm always loyal to Dtoid and alas, I have returned.
Now, past that bullshit.
I stole a bunch of games from my friend today, so I decided (since my age-old ps2 has suddenly come back to life) that I'm gonna play all the games I have and the ones I stole. Well, borrowed, so I don't sound like a HARDASS.

But, I don't always have time. And these are some hefty games, at least at my level of playing time.
SHITTY CELLPHONE PICTUREwarningwarningwarning

So I think I'll do a little flash review for each one, before I possibly go on to fully review them all.
The Rules?
I'll play each game for an hour or so. It can drag on if I really like it or forget. This includes menus, cutscenes, tutorial bullshits...what have you. An hour and I'm gonna write my little review.

The List?
(These are mainly old games. Actually, all old games. I enjoy nostalgia as much as the next guy.)

Kingdom Hearts
Previous Experience: I played this for a while back in the day, but I used Action Replay and was a lame little kid at the I don't really count it. It killed my save anyways, so fuck that.

Kingdom Hearts TWO
I beat this one, without cheating this time, but I've always wanted to replay the game again. Now I have a chance!

Resident Evil 3: Nemesis
I never played this before, but I know the basic story of it from my Resident Evil experiences with friends and whatnot.

Resident Evil 2
Played alot of this one back on the N64, but never on the playstation. Looking forward to it, it used to scare the shit out of me.

Resident Evil: Code Veronica X
I never played this one, though I was always aware of it.

Star Ocean
I actually have barely even heard of this game, and I barely even know what its about. I'm assuming its an RPG, and I like those.

Devil May Cry 3
I played this for about five minutes at a friend's house once. The only DMC I ever got into was the first one, and I hear this one is mad fucking hard so I probably won't get too far in it :X

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty
I love this game alot, but I've never actually beaten it. I don't beat alot of games, come to think of it. I should change this terrifying fact about my life.

Metal Gear Solid 3 (not pictured)
I love this game so much. Thats all I have to say.

Grand Theft Auto 3 (not pictured)
Well, I have San Andreas too, of course, but I think I've played that one way too much to review it. And besides, with its age, I think 3 is old enough to warrant a review if just to see how well its aged. Like a fine wine...etc.

Alright, so thats it. I'm gonna do my first hour of one of those tonight. First flash review should be up tomorrow morning or night.

Cool beans?

I know that no one probably remembers me, but I posted a couple blogs here a couple of months ago and seemingly vanished. Well i did not forget Destructoid and I hope to be able and come back, maybe writing a few blogs now and again.

This doesn't really affect anyone but if anyone recalls me it'd be nice to know. And yeah this is a short little blog but I don't actually CARE.

Wait wait wait! Before I get started and you all say that movie games and tv games (especially) always suck just hear me out. Remember when those games were announced? You had a lot more faith in them then didn't you? Sure you did. And so did I. Well, I was just thinking about some movies and shows (one really) that have the possibility of an actual good game being based on them. And sure, most of these will never happen.

But who cares?
Also, I'm trying not to just think of RPGs, but they seem to come to mind way too fucking much, am I right?

V for Vendetta

The Movie's Plot: The futuristic tale unfolds in a Great Britain that's a fascist state. A freedom fighter known as V (Weaving) uses terrorist tactics to fight the oppressive society. He rescues a young woman (Portman) from the secret police, and she becomes his unlikely ally.

What the Game Could Be: What I'm imagining, as many of you probably have, is a half-linear half-nonlinear third person action exploration game. HLHNLTPAEG for short. Maybe a climbing system along the lines of Assassins Creed. Something along the lines of how the Warriors was. Free roaming area with side missions but linear areas for the game missions. Playing as V, you could have both missions from the storyline (TV Studio Assault, etc.). The weapons would be pretty interesting, as would be the possible character development. There is a good area left open for cutscenes, which could probably end up pretty good.

Chances of it Actually Happening: Seeing as how the movie really wraps up the story, and how the movie came out over two years ago, my probability of this game happening is around 25 to 30%. Theres always the chance of prequels or sequels made just for another movie.


The Show's Plot: This violent, sexual, extremely graphic prison drama revolves around the many inmates of Oswald Maximum Security Penitentiary, or Oz. There are tons of characters, from the inmates to the guards, back stories, rivalrys, gangs, and interesting dialogue.

What the Game Could Be: I've always sort of named this game "The Impossible Great Game". Impossible meaning, the show is rated TV-MA, and it deserves it more than any other HBO show in my opinion. Well, except for the adult shit. The ESRB, Jack Thompson, and the press would have a field day. Rape scenes, shankings, Aryans, as well as the largest assortment of naked prisoners in "Don't Drop that Soap!" situations. This game would BE Adults Only. Theres no chance of even a Mature. PC title if it could ever come about. "The Impossible Great Game". Great meaning, theres a big time RPG factor. I always considered an RPG with Oblivion like character customization, in addition to a Mass Effect dialogue system. You could come into Oz with a preset crime and sentence, explore the prison, meet the cons, meet the guards, and get into all sorts of happenings. From shanking people to joining a gang, from getting transferred to getting killed, this game would be the ultimate confined open world. How to finish it: Die or get released. Thats it.

Chances of it Actually Happening: Slim to motherfucking none. The shows been over for over three years, the game would be the most graphic game of all time (the rapes would be cut definitely), and it would be in development hell for years most likely. But, we Oz fans can always hope.

The Boondock Saints

The Movie's Plot: Twin brothers Conner and Murphy, feeling that their God-given mission is to cleanse the Earth of all human evil, set out to rid Boston of crime. But instead of joining the police force, these Irish Americans decide to kick criminal butt their own way -- la Charles Bronson. Willem Dafoe is the openly gay FBI special agent assigned to investigate.

What the Game Could Be: There are a certain amount of possibilites for this game. Of course, I'm imagining something along the lines of a third person shooter with a co-op system. You could play as both Connor and Murphy, and fight through some of the movie's action sequences. There would have to be tons of new material, as the film is not just an action fest. All the weapons, characters, and overall quality of the movie could lead to some interesting levels.

Chances of it Actually Happening: For this, I'd say about 45 to 50%. Sure it came out in what, '99? But theres been wishes from the creator to make a sequel, and if that never pans out theres always the chance for a good game. Just don't Kane and Lynch it.

So, that does it.What do you think about my choices in both movie and in gameplay?

Dead riffs
10:38 PM on 12.05.2007

ATTN: Those with some cash to spend thats burning a hole in their game consoles.

Just saw on Amazon that there is a huge sale on videogames, all up to 50% off! Thats right, if there was a 100 dollar videogame, you could get it for 50 dollars! Awesome!

Also, sorry if this is a tad old. IDK, Gametab said 4 hours?
Here's a few links




For example, the 70 dollar Stranglehold CE for PS3 (with Hard Boiled Bluray) is now down to 50 bucks. 10 less than the normal version of Stranglehold.