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10:16 AM on 05.05.2008

Monday FTW Lost in the City Giveaway

What up guys and girls in Destructoid land? I'm spreading the good times with the return of one of my site's crazy features...Monday FTW. It's when Mondays have meaning again as someone wins every Monday in May!

The last Monday FTW I did were for all of EA's sports titles. This time I bring ten (10) Xbox Live Arcade redeem codes for Lost Cities in the Monday FTW Lost in the City Giveaway.

What is this Monday FTW Lost in the City Giveaway?

Each Monday in May up until May 26th, someone will win an Xbox Live Arcade redeem code for Lost Cities! Itís really simple to enter. Each Monday Iíll have a Monday FTW post up. Just post a reply to it or send me a message on Xbox Live each Monday that it goes up. On each Monday at around 8PM Central Standard Time Iíll pick a winner. It starts today!

Iím only taking entries on Mondays. It ties in to the whole Monday theme of course. Hereís the breakdown of whatís available and on what day. I know Iíve spoiled you ladies and gents here but what the hellÖwho doesnít like being spoiled?

May 5 - Lost Cities x2
May 12 - Lost Cities x2
May 19 - Lost Cities x2
May 26 - Lost Cities x4


1:17 AM on 04.20.2008

Battlefield: Bad Company Gold Edition Box Art

I'm back from my trip out to EA Studios with DICE and some hand's on time with Bad Company. Had another good time with the boys from Destructoid! (even though I had to put the smack down during the MP tourney lol)

Anyway, check out the box art for the Gold Edition. Where's Goldmember when you need him lol (I love goooolllldddd)   read

11:51 AM on 04.15.2008

Will reviewers refuse to score GTA IV low?

A lot of big name titles seem to get scored based on name alone these days. Halo 3 for all its hype didn't even excite me enough to finish it. (yet) From what I played, it seems a score of 8-8.5 would've made more sense. But which review site wants to be the one to give Halo 3 anything less than a 9+? It was a good game with a really good MP but was did it really live up to the hype? I think not.

BioShock was 2K's big baby last year and it garnered some really high scores but the game was far from perfect and far from stellar. Another 8-8.5 in my book really. It was a really good game but nothing I felt was perfect or ground breaking.

In comes another big name title, Grand Theft Auto IV. And I'm wondering which media site regardless of if it's worth it, will give GTA IV anything less than a 9+? Are they afraid to score a big name title, less than perfect?

I guess none of this matters if you don't believe that review scores matter at all to people but I think they do. I know a number of people who refuse to buy games if they score low without even bothering to play it for themselves. Crazy I know but it is what it is.

GTA IV may very well be a great game but in the event that it's not...will any of these sites bother saying so and give it a lower than perfect score? I'm calling nothing but 9+ scores regardless.   read

2:30 PM on 04.11.2008

Who do I kill to lower damn GAS PRICES!!

Ok seriously...WTF CHUCK! It's $3.30+ for the cheap stuff here in Dallas now! I wish the world would band together for a few weeks and not buy any gas to force these damn executives and their billion $ profits to eat up some of the costs of what we're being charged!


It's to the point that you seriously have to wonder when this shiznit will end?!! $4 gallon of gas here we come. I'm thinking about buying a BMX bicycle and just peddling my way to work from now on with a backpack and a change of clothes.


8:19 AM on 04.01.2008

So what's your "normal" job?

Just curious about the Destructioders out there....when you're not blogging, gaming etc...what's your regular gig?

I work in downtown Dallas at a securities exchange firm....been there ever since getting out of the Marine Corps.

I've often wanted to moonlight as a professional porn star but I haven't found the right way to enter the scene lol.

So what's your thing outside of blahging?


11:11 AM on 03.31.2008

Prototype, No Co-op or MP...damn

I may be among only a few who are anticipating this game. Judging from the search "protoype" in the C-Blogs, not many are talking about. BUT one of the things I was anticipating was a little co-op on this's like Crackdown meets some "other" experience type game that looked like a lot of fun. Now, however, it seems like I won't get any of that.

I'm not a big multiplayer guy so this doesn't really bother me but there are some "MP" nuts out there who will pass up on it for this reason. I don't imagine the story will be a BioShock type story so maybe this was something of a mistake with Prototype?? I'll miss it but it won't stop me from buying it...the developers sound pretty convinced that Prototype will deliver so maybe it'll be an engaging single player...enough so to warrant taking MP out.

Why was multiplayer cut from PROTOTYPE?

Tim Bennison: From its inception PROTOTYPE was planned first and foremost as a single player open-world/action game. Naturally, with Alexís genetically mutated shape-shifting abilities, we started to explore what would happen if he were to sub-divide into two PROTOTYPEs and what kind of multiplayer gameplay we could create around that concept. Weíve been looking at this potential multiplayer idea much more closely as PROTOTYPEís development has been progressing, and while itís a great concept and gameplay bonus, our conclusion is that we wonít be able to pull it off with the same level of quality and polish that weíre aiming for with the original single player story.

We want gamers to really dig into the main elements of PROTOTYPE Ė find out about Alex and his past, play through all the storyline and uncover everything there is to find out in the Web of Intrigue, explore all Alexís different powers and abilities, and use the ĎDeceive or Destroyí gameplay to get through the game in multiple ways. As you can see thereís already a ton for us to deliver just in PROTOTYPEís single player experience, so we really need ALL of our resources focused on shipping what we originally set out to do Ė PROTOTYPE as a ground-breaking, single player open-world/action title.

- TeamXbox   read

9:46 AM on 03.31.2008

Should Developers Always Release Demos?

I was wondering what the real incentive is to provide a demo of a game. Be that a highly marketed game or one that isn't so big...isn't it more of a risk than reward?

I remember games like Lost Planet and Condemned: Criminal Origins having demos and to be honest they convinced me to buy the games. The demos were great. But for every great demo there's one that's an epic fail don't you think?

After playing Midway's Hour of Victory demo, I knew I wasn't going to waste my time. Vampire Rain demo convince anyone to buy it? I didn't think so.

There are dozens of other demos that have probably done more harm than good for developers so I was wondering if they should bother. The gamer in me says hellz yeah. I need a demo before I buy any game and they should be proud of the work to release one.

But there's another side that understands if a demo isn't made. Do you think we'll get a demo of Gears of War 2? Heck no. Epic and Microsoft know that's a million seller. So developers could hold back for two reasons....1) it'll sell anyway without a demo 2) the demo might hurt sales.

True enough a demo could also help sales if the game is good but I don't think there will ever be a day when we see demos for every game. Do you think developers should be releasing demos no matter what?   read

3:17 PM on 03.28.2008

6 Myths about being an Xbox MVP

I wrote an article on U360 and here she is for my Destructoid peeps!

My latest article about Xbox.comís Super MVP feature led to some interesting emails with questions about the program. I figured I would become Deacon, the Mythbuster, for a minute to give you all yet another great read. (because I love you all so)

XMVPs are paid by Microsoft to spread Xbox love across the interwebs - Although I could use more money with the pay increase, the truth is that this is a myth. Weíre not employees of Microsoft so we donít get to collect a check. There are former XMVPs that have ended up gaining employment within Microsoft but thatís a different animal. Being selected doesnít bring any bacon home to daddy.

XMVPs canít say anything bad about Microsoft products - This of course is another myth believed about Xbox MVPs. In fact, Iím going to prove that myth wrong right now. DRM sucks on the Xbox 360! SeeÖitís not true. Contrary to popular opinion, there are no off-limit subjects. Many of the things that play a part in selection revolve around having a strong, unbiased opinion within the community. The type of opinions are up to each XMVP individually to convey be they of the light side of the force or the dark side. Itís a choice made by each.

XMVPs are just stupid little nerds still living with their parents - Come on. How do you make the list of Top 10 Cute Boys in Gaming Journalism by being a nerd trapped at your parentís house? Thereís also an 18-year old age requirement in play that would limit the amount of XMVPs stuck at home. Not that thereís anything wrong with it, but itís just not something thatís the norm. If you havenít guessed, this is also a myth.

You have to have a blog, a website or a podcast to be an XMVP - While it may seem that way, there are no rules that say you can only be an Xbox MVP if you maintain some sort of interweb presence. There are dozens of XMVPs and not all of them host a show or blog about the latest things in the community. Does doing more in the community by way of blog, podcast or some other means help? Ofcourse it does but itís not a requirement. Chalk this up as another myth.

XMVPs get free Xbox Live subscriptions and free consoles - Some of these myths I wish were true but theyíre really just wishful thinking. Let it be known though that Iím an advocate to implement this! Iíd actually like to be the first to suggest this be included as a perk with the selection. It only makes sense to make sure your vessel of Xbox love is properly equipped. As it stands right now, however, free subscriptions to Xbox Live and free consoles arenít a part of the deal.

XMVPs are permanent members of the program - Myth. The award period of an Xbox MVP only lasts one year. If you see an XMVP for more than a year, itís because theyíve done something equally as awesome as they did to gain the first award and were selected again. Just take me for example. Iíve been totally awesome for 2 years now but my awesomeness may run out in October and Iíll be super-power disabled returning to mere civilian status. Holy Cartridge Belt Deacon. Yeah, the thought is madness!

(Noob Tube edit lol...sorry know how it is)   read

7:39 AM on 03.26.2008

View 'Friends of Friends' Online Now

Well it looks like the small tweaks and changes this week aren't over for the Xbox team. After hitting us with the Gamerscore Corrections bit for cheaters, they secretly updated the design of My Xbox on your gamercard online.

I can't say that I like it all that much to be honest. You can now view your friends of friends online though. Other features at the link.   read

7:38 PM on 03.25.2008

I Am Super MVP!

I am Deacon, Super MVP. Marvel at my super powers within Xboxville!! is having a SuperMarch theme full of super hero games and Game with Developer opportunities for the entire month.

An article featuring Super MVPs went up today featuring yours truly!

Where's my X-ray vision for ya know...crime fighting purposes lol...Big shout to TriXie and KP for the article!!   read

11:37 AM on 03.25.2008

Microtransactions R TEH SUK

I figured I'd just make a blog post to say this in light of the Battlefield: Bad Company fiasco about having 5 weapons available via purchase (or microtransaction). I feel a Godfather deja vu.

I understand the fact that these weapons offer no advantage and such and that they'll be free at a later date but really....where are we headed?

This opens the door to one day having essential game elements as microtransactions. In order to proceed or get a life back, Add Microsoft Points. It could happen.

Developers now are purposely developing games with downloadable content in mind. Some of this stuff is already on the disc and simply "unlocked" later at a price. Gone are the days when a consumer can simply expect a full game. Nope...not today. What they can expect today is a bit of the full game with some more of it coming later via Marketplace.

Is this because of the rushed deadlines that producers empose on these developers? You have to meet a certain release frame and you have to make sure the big guys (corporate seats) are happy.

I don't know about anyone else but some of this just sucks really. When a game releases these days I'm left wondering...what's the downloadable content gonna be? For all you Rock Band fans loving the DLC on it...I can't help but ask...why wasn't some of this shit available from jump???

Well...rant end. lol   read

11:15 AM on 03.22.2008

U360 Easter Hunt Giveaway Final Day

The last day to hunt down the mysterious orange eggs is upon us. Games, faceplates, t-shirts and more will be given out next week to the highest egg finders!

Get ready for the final hunt!!

Thanks to all those who participated and had fun with this!! Big shout to my developer friends for supplying the goodies.   read

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