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Hello my name is Dayne and I enjoi video games, surfing, playing guitar, music in general, and laaaadies. I really dig this site and the people on it and hope I can make some friends to game with, seeing as how none of my friends are avid gamers and I must remain undercover with my love so I am not oppressed and bombarded with gamer stereotypes.

I have never blogged nor had any interest in blogging before I found this site... now I may give it a try.

I have always been oldschool with my gaming tastes. I feel slightly put off by the newer generations of games mostly because they try and take on too much. I don't have ADD or anything but I can't ever imagine putting in more than 20-25 hours in a game. Although if the right game came along... who knows? I want to want to play a game for longer but few game developers put the time in to make a good story or keep the gameplay spicy these days.

I would much rather play a puzzle game with no story than play a game that has a shitty one.

Anyway my brief gamer history is like this: born in 1984 and my dad brought home a NES for me in 1986 after my little sis (and partner in crime) was born. So basically he bought me crack. I used to LOVE the thrill of receiving a new game and having a whole new set of challenges. I subscribed to Nintendo Power and rocked out to Megaman 3, Metal Gear, Bubble Bobble, Mario, Castlevania 1-3, Punch Out, basically every game I could get my hands on. Not all mainstream titles either, my collection was ridiculous.

SNES rolls around and my parents decide video games are not such a great idea anymore... most notably because of a little quirk I had when playing. I would curl up my toes at stressful parts. I mean come on people, have you ever played the quickman stage of megaman or any stage of Castlevania? That shit will give you a heart attack.

Either way, my parents never got me a SNES so I missed out on basically the greatest system ever made. Bummer.

Eventually I worked up enough cash to buy the glory of N64.

Then my friend loaned me his playstation with metal gear solid, Breath of Fire 3, FF7, FFtactics, and xenogears.

From there on I got my own and proceeded to build my glorious collection, followed by dreamcast, Ps2, modded xbox, gamecube, and just recently xbox360.

My computer used to be sparkly and magical but now is outdated. Doesn't bother me though, because comp gaming in the 90's was the shit and is all I need. Every Sierra game (Roger Wilco) and LucasArts point and click adventure (Full Throttle!!) xcom, daggerfall, Return to Zork, the list continues on and on.

My sis used to love watching me play games and playing split screen, so those were good times because I had a second player and someone to share my glorious collection and talk games with.

Now my biggest problem: I have an obscene amount of games, very little time to play them, and now that I've moved to the west coast (away from my lil sis)... noone to play them with :(

I still buy every game that looks cool but never get to play them... resulting in a huge backlog that will never get played... so basically:

I found destructoid last year and didn't really get into it until I got my 360. But like I said, I dig the content and the members so I think I am finally among kindred spirits.
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