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6:09 PM on 05.19.2010

Blog Between Blogs: School's Almost Out

Welcome to another addition of Blog Between Blogs. Because I donít have a single solid topic to write about, I randomly jump from one topic to another in a (not so) well-thought out blog. Itís eco friendly!

So, if you didnít know already, I have a PC now, and Iím currently enjoying the hell out of it. I think itís a nice little gaming PC, it does what I want it to; run Team Fortress 2, Borderlands, and Bad Company 2. Iím not going to pull out all these specs and shit, because I know as soon as I do, some of you PC Perfect Lifeforms are gunna come out and start comparing your 6 Core Processors and Fermi Graphics Cards and your fucking liquid cooling to my modest Quad Core, HD 5570, and blue fans.

I will, however, show you crappy pictures.

I am looking to upgrade sometime in the fall. The 5570 isnít going to cut it in the near future (Bad Company 2 frames drop anytime I blow something up), and I really wanna play stuff like Brink and Bulletstorm when they come out. Also, the 5570 isnít the best looking card out there. I want something sexy.

Speaking of sexy and Bad Company, I recently caved and bought the game. I was hoping for a sale on Steam, but fucking Modern Warfare 2ís two Free Weekends/Discounted Weekends in the span of a month made me crazy, so I dropped the $49.99 and went to town. Besides what I stated earlier about losing framerate when shit is going down hardcore, I quite enjoy BC2ís single player. Bad Company is, as always, hilarious as hell. The shooting things part of the game isnít bad either, thought the A.I. can be a bit erratic, going from really good to really stupid in no time flat. Destructible environments are destructible, and I can now justify shooting into fences as ďIím shooting through the fence!Ē which is always nice.

Of course, the real meat of this game is its multiplayer, and after a few rounds, I have to say itís pretty excellent. Of course, me jumping in late in the game means I have a huge disadvantage against the other players in terms of weapons and overall getting used to how shit works, but even then, marking people is an easy way to get points, as even if you donít kill the motherfucker, if someone else does, it kinda acts like an assist. Yay points for me!

Also, Iím liking the Engineer the most, because I get to blow up tanks. I hate tanks. HATE THEM.

In other games news, I also bought The Orange Box a few weeks ago, but Iíve been bothered to play it ever since I upgraded to Windows 7 (which is ballin beyond ballin, by the way) and found out that Half Life 2 doesnít feature cloud support, so I canít continue where I left off. Iíd really like to at least finish Portal again before Portal 2 comes out, but every time I work up the nerve, I go and play Borderlands or TF2 or something instead. I dunno, maybe itís because all this AP writing and testing and shit, I donít want to think smart, I just wanna kill stuff.

But yeah, since schools almost out and Iíve (sorta) committed myself to not buying anything till Portal 2/Brink comes out. Iíve got a backlog of games I can complete this summer before senior year.

Which reminds me, Iím hopefully off to college in a year. Shit hit me a long time ago, but I still canít believe it. My public schooling career is almost over, and in then I wonít be home anymore. Itís exciting and scary at the same time. Itís exciting because, fuck, Iím going to be out of the house, on my own, maybe in a brand new place Iíve never been to, or never dreamed of living in before. Iíll be able to make a brand new start on friends, activities, everything. Hell, depending on the situation, I might even be able to go to PAX with some of you bastards.

Itís also freighting as hell because Iíll be all out by myself. I wonít have people to rely on, but even scarier, I wonít be comfortable out alone. I started looking for colleges last month, and my ideal plan was to move up north, and try up there. My ideal college choice is RIT (Rochester Institute of Technology) up in New York, and it still is, but thatís far away from Texas. Really far away. Being that far away from home scares the crap outta me. I donít really have family up in New York, or much less up north besides my cousins up in Jersey, and to top it off, Iím not the outgoing social type I need to be if Iím going to start making relationships. How I usually made friends was through joining an Fine Arts extracurricular activity such as Band or Choir, being forced up onto a stage all alone because I supposedly have talent (I really hate my voice, it sounds way to classical), and then being congratulated. I was in a situation in which people came to me. Iíve never actually tried to go out and talk to someone I didnít actually know.
So yeah, Iím kinda conflicted, but the way Iím thinking about it now, Iíve got one year to learn how to be a social badass, and if that doesnít happen, Iíll just try and take Ďem as I see Ďem wherever I end up. All I know is, I really hope I can go to RIT. That place is badass beyond badass.

Finally, I got some quick thoughts on FUEL. You know the game with the large, open, free roam space, the off-road cars, and the Tornado Storms. Yeah, you remember.

Lemmie tell you, FUEL is a great game for $3.75. Even though I havenít put that much time into it, whenever I load up the game, I always have a really good time just driving around and exploring shit. The races are long, and thatís a good thing, because with so much space, I would expect a race to take longer than 2 minutes. The graphics arenít that bad, and even though nobodyís online to play with, Games for Windows Live isnít that bad. Plus, ACHIEVEMENTS YAAAARRRR!

So if Codemasters ever, for some highly odd reasons (since I hear FUEL didnít do so well critically, and sold like shit), there are a few things Iíd like them to fix.

ē Big world needs stuff to do: All this space, and there arenít even any animals to drive my bike along side of. Iíd really love if there was specific animal A.I., that would interact with you differently depending on which vehicle you where in. Iíd also like to see some sort of dynamic race A.I. What I mean is, have different races going in while Iím in free roam mode. For example, the A.I. is having a race from point A to point M, and along the way, I meet up with them at point E. I canít actually join the race, but I sure as hell can be a dick and fuck up the other racers.

ē More Dynamic Weather: Take it to the fucking max. I want fucking hurricanes, earthquakes, and throw in a volcano in that bitch. Flash flooding during races, area wide blizzards, and to top it off, one scared Weather Man yelling over the radio as all hell breaks loose.

ē Speaking of Radio: Get some licensed music in this bitch. I loved the games title track by UNKLE. Heíd be good for making music in this game. Get yourself a DJ personality thatís not completely fucking annoying ala Burnout Paradise, and youíre set.

ē Make It an MMO: I think itíd be easier to implement all these changes, plus add some more, if you made it an MMO. I know MMO racing games donít always work, but with such a wide open space to free roam, with the dynamic weather effects, and multiple races going on spanning hundreds of miles, a FUEL MMO would be a really interesting prospect. Plus, live radio stations.

And now for the bullets:

ē Got a new phone. Samsung Moment. Itís all good with Android and all, though, if I had know the HTC Evo 4G was coming out, I would have waited.

ē Slowly but surely getting through Soul Silver. I took a long hiatus because of Borderlands, but Iím slowly getting back into it. FUCK YEAH GARCHOMP.

ē Iím actually thinking about picking up Starcraft 2 sometime. I really wanted to play Starcraft beforehand, but my ďGive It Away to Ur FriendzĒ BlizzCon copy isnít working on Windows 7, and nobody wants to give me a beta key, but yeah, I just hope thereís an easy mode. I havenít RTSíd in a while.

ē I really hope MS decides to expand on Games For Windows Live now that Steam has gone Mac and PC. At least, open up a GFWL Arcade, so I can play Limbo on my PC. Please?

And thatís all I got. Hopefully you werenít killing yourself trying to read all of this, and if you where, Iím sincerely sorry. My GFWL is Daxelman, my BC2 tag is Daxelman, and my Steam is Axeldan or something with Daxelman in it. Come blow stuff up/drive through tornadoes with me sometime.   read

2:24 PM on 03.18.2010

Blog Between Blogs: Leet Edition

Hey, welcome to another addition of Blog Between Blogs, where instead of just focusing on one topic for epic amounts of text, I condense many topics into one blog, usually separated by pictures. WARNING: pictures may or may not be funny. It doesnít look like I can be hilarious, Iíve checked.

So, if you didnít know, Iím going to be building a PC. My brother is helping me build my first PC as a birthday gift, and Iíve already got the motherboard down. Now, Iíve never been one to completely advocate or completely dog down PC gaming, but more or less supplement it to my console gaming. Iíd play anything I didnít think I could play comfortably on a keyboard on my PS3, and Team Fortress 2 on my PC. I also got Mass Effect and some other gems for really cheap off of Steam, of course.

The problem with that idea now is that I donít have my PS3, so the only major gaming outlet that I have thatís not a handheld is this laptop that doesnít even truly belong to me anymore. Go figure.

Anyways, yeah, Iím building a gaming PC, with some of the bells and whistles. Iím doing my best to keep costs under $800, but hey, anything for Bad Company 2 at this point. The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders ainít gunna save themselves.

Next topic is the Playstation Move. I wonít say that Iím ďso fucking excitedĒ or ďcasually optimisticĒ or ďthis shit sucks, $ony is desperate lolĒ, but I do want to comment on the ďfinally, devs are going to port over Wii only games to the PS3.Ē

Wouldnít that cost way too much money to do that in the first place?

I mean, look at it; Developing for the Wii if fucking cheap, really fucking cheap. So cheap in fact that those who manage to sell 200,000+ copies probably broke even long ago, and are starting to make a profit. Itís crazy to say that it costs as much to make a Wii game than it does to make a game like Final Fantasy XIII on the next gen consoles, and from what the Square Enix developers keep saying, theyíre going to have to sell boat loads upon boat loads to even dream of recouping that money back, might have to throw in some extra DLC as well.

So, assuming that some of the Wii developers are developers who donít have the money to waste on making a true next gen upgrade of a Wii game, why would they do that? Thatís a spell for disaster on the game developers part, because if they donít half-ass the port, theyíre going to have to spend a lot of money, and if it doesnít sell shitloads, the just lost a lot of money. Even if they half-ass the port, they still spend some money, and then nobody buys the game because it sucks, which means they still lose money.

I donít think weíre going to see Wii specific developers or low budget Wii games come to the PS3 (or in some cases, the 360) in droves, at least not until development costs for next gen gaming in general drops substantially. And I donít think theyíll be dropping anytime soon.

So, thereís this game called Pokťmon Soul Silver, right? A lot of you know from my past monthly musing that I suck at video games. Well, Iím here to prove myself wrong. 4 days in, and Iím already almost halfway though. And Iím talking the whole game in general, which means 16 badges instead of 8. Iíve got 7 badges, and Iím working on importing some of my Pokťmon from Diamond for badge number 8 and so on.

How did I do this? How did I manage to go from suck to slightly awesome in no time flat?


A lot of people fall into the ďOnly Use the Starter to Rape EverythingĒ trap, and that works. What happens is, everything else on your team is HM fodder, and your Starter Pokťmon is a level 80 badass that kills everything, and I mean everything, in one hit by the time you get to the Elite 4. I donít know if this is true for anyone else, and it probably isnít, but by using that method, it took me about 3 weeks to get to the last gym. Everything but my Infernape and Dialga was below level 20.

Out comes Heart Gold/Soul Silver. By this time, Iíve been properly introduced to proper Pokťmon management. Keep the weakling out in front, switch Ďem out when battle time comes around, gain EXP for both, so on and so forth. So looking at my team now, my Typloshion is level 42, my Kadabra is level 37, and everything else is approaching the level 30 mark. Iíve had a lot more trouble with the gyms since I canít OHKO everything, and for some odd reason, Miltank has a higher base speed than Qualiva even though Miltank is describe as a COW TANK, but last night I realized to myself, ďdamn, 8 badges in 30 hours, thatís insane!Ē

And Iím not even spending the time to EV train. Hah, bring it on Pokťmon, I got your number right here.

Finally, I told you guys I was going to try and be a game developer right? Well yeah, Iím going to try and do that. Iíve spent some time looking at Source Mod wikis and what not, and I wanna start creating a TF2 map sometime soon. Obviously, I canít do it know, because one, this laptop isnít mine, two, Hammer crashed on this laptop once, and three, fucking AP testing got me writing more than I actually want to write, but yeah, when I get my desktop all up and finished, Iím going to be looking more into it.

Iíve also started looking at colleges who offer more than just the basic Computer Science merit badges. Currently, my number one candidate is looking to be R.I.T., the Rochester Institute of Technology, up in New York (all you New York DToiders, Iím coming to make it rain like Freaknik in Atlanta!), and my second is SMU, down here in Texas. Any and all help finding colleges would be appreciated, as long as none of them being with ďYĒ and end with ďaleĒ, for the sole reason that Yale is filled with a bunch of dicks.

And now for the stuff that I donít think deserves 2 or more paragraphs;

ē My God, why is the Charge Ďn Targe so fucking cheap? Being a Pyro is totally useless now that those Scottish bastards are running around with higher resistance to my flames. I might have to pull out the critaxe for these motherfuckers.

ē The Luiga figure that came with Soul Silver proves that that even Nintendo thinks Ho-Oh sucks intense shit. It looks so much more badass than the timid looking Ho-Oh figure. Just look at Ďem.

ē Bayonetta needs a PC port. Now.

ē As a matter of fact, Microsoft should release a ďGames for Windows Live ArcadeĒ, so that we could play some of the XBLA games on our PCs. Maybe thatís coming with Windows 7 Mobile, which would be totally awesome.

ē New Predator movie looks totally baller.

ē I donít know what Scott Pilgrim is, but itís getting a movie, Michael Cera is in it, and it features homicidal ex-boyfriends/girlfriends, bands, and other means of epic. Ubisoft is making the game to accompany the movie, and the movie is being directed by the same guy who did ďShawn of the DeadĒ. SO EXCITED.


And thatís all he wrote folks. Join us next time when Daxelman probably has enough thought in an idea that he can probably make a blog out of it. Most likely, weíll probably just get another one of these blogs, hopefully with more PERFECT LIFEFORM.


12:57 PM on 03.16.2010

Happy Birthday Destructoid!

Have some cake.

More of a pie person?

Seriously though, you guys are the best. From the editors, to the Community, to Samit, you guys make my day, every day. I don't know how I would have gotten the best internet experience I've ever had if Destructoid wasn't here to shove it down my throat, so thanks Niero(HAPPY B-DAY TO YOU TO BRO), the staff, the community, and all of your mothers for giving birth to all you sons of bitches. I salute all of you.

Here's to 4 more years of JOURNALISM excellence. And overall cock-ery.


1:03 PM on 12.28.2009

Blog Between Blogs: Holiday Edition

Welcome to the Holiday Edition of Blog Between Blogs. I'm turning this into a reoccurring series since I still donít have anything remotely coherent to write about, except maybe a review for Audiosurf Tilt, but that can be summed up in a few words; Audiosurf, mobile, motion control, Zune HD, AWESOME.

There, now on with the rest of the blog.

Speaking of Zune HD, I got one over the holiday weekend with the money I pulled in. Since games have been pretty much banned in my house, I decided to blow $220 on other forms of entertainment. I buy nothing but the absurdly-expensive-to-my-parents for me.

Needless to say, itís been an amazing experience. The Zune HD is really a nice piece of work, the touch screen is really responsive, video quality is great, music quality is amazing, and it just looks sexy in my hands. Wireless sync is like a gift to the gods, and the Zune Software has inspired me to NOT torrent discographies so I can watch the screensaver update with pictures and info on the artist currently playing. Iím on Basement Jaxx right now, shit is amazing.

The only things that worry me about this wonderful machine is the lack of Flash support (no Youtube, shoutCast, Pandora), and the lack of App support. The apps that are available (and free!) are nice, as I said before, Audiosurf Tilt is amazing, PGR: Ferrari Edition is actually quite fun and looks REALLY good, and of course, Hexic is addicting as cocaine, but there just needs to be more stuff available. There is currently a Twitter app for the social networking crowd, but I canít get the damn thing to work, and besides some board games and MSN Weather, not much available on the Marketplace front. There are lots of third party apps strewn out across the vast reaches of the interwebz, but they require XNA and all that, which is not a problem, but the restarting every time you load an app on the Zune is a problem, a problem I donít want to deal with right now.

Overall, Iím impressed with the Zune HD. The Software puts iTunes and anything else to shame, and the hardware itself, with some additions and some goddamn marketing, could be a major contender to the iTouch monster wagon. For me, $219.99 well spent.

2009, Game of the Year and stuff, huh? I think Iíll kind of state my own and reasons why and all that jazz, because Iíd still like to feel like part of the community even though Iím here less and less do to massive restrictions of personal time. All I can say is college canít come soon enough.

Anyways, 2009, letís see, lots of stuff happened, yup. A lot of stuff I was excited for this year, such as Fuel, and itís ďWHOLLY SHIT THATíS A LOT OF SPACEĒ driving area. The time I had with the demo made me rent the sucker, but I wasnít that impressed with the full product. Yeah, there was a lot of space and tornados (which was awesome, by the way), but other than that, its race, drive around, do nothing. Not a lot to do in the world of Fuel, but still, a fun game.

There was Killzone 2, which I wasnít actually excited for. I doubted the game a lot; I just didnít trust GG after playing Killzone. GG did manage to surprise me with Killzone 2 though, and even if the aiming controls didnít feel right, it was still an excellent comeback from 2004. If what Jim Sterling says is right though, itís pretty sad to hear that the online community has basically gone to hell and never come back. Killzone 2ís online was where it shined, and with some tweaks and additions, it could have been something to really enjoy well into 2010. Oh well, always Killzone 3, aye?

Then thereís Scribblenauts. I cried a few weeks ago, as it seems, I canít find my Rooster Hat, but I still have the photos, so I can kind of remember what it was like. Anyways, Scribblenauts was a hit with my classes, everyone asking me what to input and see what would happen. Eventually, we just started throwing black holes in random places to fuck with the game, but hey, shit was fun man. Whatever 5th Cell tries next, whether itís an iPhone version of Scribblenauts or a sequel or something new and even more interesting, Iím sure itís going to be awesome.

He get's a big picture, because he's a big dude...

A clap of hands for Brutal Legend, and a moment of silence. The game is good, nice, funny, fun, but missed the top ten by two slots in the month of October, and hasnít seen good sales since. Iím glad it got some recognition though, seeing better sales than Psychonauts, but still, I wish the game did a little better than what it showed. Iíd like for Tim to be able to make bank, and that may seem kind of fanboyish of me, but I really do like Tim and his work. Plus, I want a Psychonauts 2, so yeah.

It's also Soundtrack of the Year...

And finally, oh hey, whatís this? BlazBlue, my game of the year? Blasphemy, you say, why not something like Demon Souls, or Modern Warfare 2, of Assassinís Creed 2, or Uncharted 2?

Well, first off, I havenít played ANY of those titles, save for Uncharted 2, which is a really nice game from what Iíve played. And second off, BlazBlue got me back into a genre I hadnít touched in 9 years.

The last fighting game I had owned before BlazBlue was MvC2 for the Dreamcast, and it wasnít even my Dreamcast. I havenít properly played, much less owned a fighting game since, nor had I any need too. Sure, I dabbed with Melee a lot, and watched a whole lot of Evo, but never did I ever sit down and try to better myself. Not until BlazBlue came along.

BlazBlue changed me; I started playing again, hours non-stop. I started training, I was beginning to memorize combos, I was actually winning matches, I was frames away from beating Yojimbo once (heíll deny it to hell and back, but deep down, he knows heíll never play with Ragna again), I was beginning to be good at a fighter. Hell, if it came down to it, I would have bought a fight-stick to really get down and dirty with. I think I spent more time with BlazBlue over the summer and into October than any other game I had on the PS3, save Burnout Paradise. So yeah, saying it's my GOTY is nothing short of being right for me. Because of BlazBlue, Iím looking forward to trying Super Street Fighter 4, Tatsunoko vs. Capcom, and any other 2D fighting games anyone wants to throw at me.

Oh yeah, and BlazBlue PSP. Iíll jump on that as soon as I want buy a PSP.

And well, thatís it for the Holiday Edition. I think this Blog Between Blogs thing might be a starting series for me as I try to get my ass in gear and write something that deserves its own title. Plus, it allows me introduce little things I can say I invented for this blog series on my own, such as this thing I like to call ďthe HitlistĒ:

ē Found this really great TF2 podcast called ďKritzkastĒ. I subscribed on name alone.
ē Bayonetta is going to be awesome. Using ďFly Me to the MoonĒ as an opening cut scene theme means greatness.
ē Really looking forward to Bad Company 2. I hear it brings teamwork, which means I can do other things besides getting killed and trying (and failing) to kill others.
ē PodToid is recognized on the Zune Marketplace. Robotic Takeover is imminent.
ē The Jet Set Radio Future soundtrack is golden.

Yeah, I think I like how that turned out.

Anyways, Iím out till 2010. Merry Belated Christmas, Happy Belated Hanukah, Happy Holidays and have a Happy New Year.   read

8:52 PM on 11.24.2009

Blog Between Blogs : Dunno Edition


Iím back again with what the hell is happening in my life of gaming. Or lack of. I donít wanna talk about it, so letís just stay stuff happened and Iím out a PS3 at the moment.

I still got my DS though (SCORE BITCHES), which brings me to my first little topic;

BLUE 42!!! BLUE 42!!!! TONY ROMO SUCKS!!!! SET, HUT!!!

The League Ė Tokyo Drift

You know about The League, right? That new comedy on FX about a group of guys who take Fantasy Football way to seriously and it ends up spilling into their daily lives, or what remains of them?

Yeah, I really like that show.

About 3 episodes in, a friend of mine showed up at school with a DSi, an R4, and a patched version of the Japanese version of Pokťmon; Heart Gold. Pretty excellent stuff, I got to see a little bit of the beginning, and Iíll tell you, it looks really nice. Really fucking nice. You donít know how close I am to getting a Mewtwo into a PokeCenter right now.

Anyways, another friend of mine has started making teams for HG/SS, and he wanted help from me, because face it; Iím the only Pokťmon badass in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Prove me wrong. Anyways, we got on to talking about nicknames and shit, and then, this weird idea popped into my head;


I know, it sounds sort of like an oxymoron, right? Really though, this could be some cool stuff. We gather a list of about 50 or so Pokťmon, just randomly choosing from the 493 that are out there. We do some crazy stunt to decide who gets draft pick priority, and we go to town. 6 Pokťmon each, off and train for about a month or so, come back, battle it out. 6v6, No Rules, Anything Goes. Whoever wins is the ďPokťmon MastahĒ until the next draft starts.

I donít know how weíre doing on the list of Pokťmon (damn Klempky, you havenít given me the list yet!), but once I get it, we are so on this shit. Iím also thinking I might make this Destructoid wide once HG/SS drops in everywhere-else-that-isnít-Japan; itíd be crazy to go all 493 Pokes, and watch what someone can do with an EV trained Ditto.

Modern Warfare 2

Itís all about the guns now. Talk and gossip about IWís latest masterpiece has taken some of my high school classmates by storm. Mostly, itís all about the multiplayer, but Iím glad to hear that many liked the single player a lot, as well as some talk about the co-op mode, Spec Ops. This was totally different from when Halo 3 dropped; back then, it was all about ludicrous frags and crazy acrobatics, 12 year olds talking about how awesome the Spartan Laser is, and hammers. Now even a single mention of the amazing fun that is and forever shall be, Griffball.

Now, while I donít see Modern Warfare 2 getting anything like Griffball (except on the PC scene, maybe), I like the varied talk that is being handed down. First, we had the whole ďNo RussianĒ talk, and while the guys I hang out around are pretty brutal, most agreed that the controversial level was kind of hard to swallow. Then we went to multiplayer, then we got on whether Gaz was Roach (which he canít be, because Gaz got totally wasted, right?), then on to some Spec Ops, then onto the crazy perks, then onto how badass but somewhat unfulfilling the ending of the game was, and finally we settled on crazy multiplayer stories and how impossible it is to get a 32 killstreak.

Ok, maybe it was a little multiplayer based, but at least they played the Campaign this time around.

NOT Modern Warfare 2

When weíre not talking about MW2, or nukes, I try to highlight some of the other titles out right now. One thatís been gaining some talk is Assassinís Creed 2, which a lot of people say it completely fixed the problems in AC1. While Iím subject to be biased in the other direction, I have not played the game yet, so Iíll be doubtful a little.

Another little wonder that comes up every now and then is L4D2. I really expected more talk outta this one, simply because you can be a fat black guy killing zombies with a ďninja swordĒ. Really guys, put down the FAMAS, grab 3 friends, and show people why pirates suck at killing zombies.

The PSPGo got a little love. A buddy showed me Assassinís Creed PSP, and it looked really beautiful, and ran really nicely. I donít know how many frames it was pushing, but whatever the count was, it was smooth and constant. Then there were the general ďOh, Thatís NiceĒ, from the clock, to the fact that it slides, to OMG SACKBOY ON THE GO SO KAWAII (I swear those Band kidsÖ), so yeah, people stopped fapping on the iPod Touch for awhile and gave Sony some sex. But only for a day.

And well, thatís it. Thatís all I got for you, nothing much happening. A lot of people jumping back on to Starcraft, New Moon doesnít suck (allegedly), 2012 does (fact), and Borderlands is totally Diablo with guns. A lot of guns; like 6.02 x 10^23 guns. Or so I hear.

And what the hell is Slenderman?   read

1:30 PM on 11.21.2009

People who suck at TF2, Rejoice! (short but game related)


You now have a training map.

It's got bots, and the bots have options.

It's got ramps.

It's got launch pads so you can practice your air shots.

The map is a long hallway, so you can practice your headshots.

It's got Scouts, so you can practice your Batting.

Pretty much if you're new to TF2, or just need some extra practice without wanting to go online and get your ass severely kicked (you know who you are), just try this nifty little map out. Hell, Valve supports it.   read

7:39 PM on 11.04.2009

Short Blog: Continuing Hiatus.

Been gone for awhile. Likely to be gone for some more. So to let you people know what I'm still alive, I'm posting this up.

The reasons behind my (like you fucking care, really) absence are family issues. Big ones. So big, I don't know when I'll be back, really.

But, like I said, I'm still alive. Just, stuck in the dark ages.

Scribblenauts and Pokemon have kept me sane so far. Let's hope they can keep the steady dose of whatever the hell it is it's giving me.

Anyways, I'm here. Just, not here.


P.S.: Go read And Another Thing..., by Eion Colfer. It's Hitchhikers Guid To The Galaxy based, and it's simply brilliant.   read

5:46 PM on 09.29.2009

Blog Between Blogs: Sick Blog Edition

God, this flu shit is the worst.

Anyways, I've gotten that urge to tell you guys about shit none of yall could care about. Don't worry, I'll try to keep it as concise and to the point as I can. I'm not that good at it though, If I GT English essay's say anything about it. I'm so glad I'm working to be a programmer.

Speaking of programming, I've recently been introduced to Alice. It's a basic, Java based programming....program, and it's actually pretty cool. Instead of typing in all of this complicated code to get a character to walk around in a circle, you just click and drag the actions you want, such as "Bunny move 3 meters as seen by Tree), to make the bunny walk around the tree. Of course, you can get much more complicated with it, with loops and number variable statements and object properties, but basically, it's drag and drop. I like it that my highschool it allowing us to use this, because hell, it's not BASIC. I hear BASIC is horrible.

I told you about my promise to start finishing games right? Well, it's coming along slowly. School/Scribblenauts really put a hamper in previous projects, but I've started a new file in Pokemon Emerald. I have finished the game before, but I cheated heavily because I needed Rayquaza. Like, a lot of Rayquaza.

Don't ask.

Pokemon Emerald is going to be a nice finish, because it's portable, and when the teachers let me loose, I can whip out the old Triforce DSLite and attempt to catch them all. By the way, I'm not actually going to attempt that, shit was crazy enough with Pokemon Diamond. I still haven't seen 180+ Pokemon, and that game is internet enabled.

At least it's not Digimon. 800+. FFFFFFFFFFFFU-

Speaking back on programming, I wanna start using Source in my spare time. At first, I just wanna use character models and stuff to make (crappy) Machinima and stuff. I don't wanna get into heavy Mods (lol, Heavy), but I'd like to at least use FacePoser. And the Hammer Editor. I'll step up into the heavy shit once I get Java into my belt of useful tools.

So yeah, any Ideas, words of advice, or encouragement would be nice. Or you could send my a copy of Garry's Mod. That be excellent.

So, I've got my potential Purchases schedule down to the wire. These are based on estimates on how much money I can scrounge up doing weird shit around the house, since that's pretty much the only way I'm going to make money at the moment. I definitely need a real job (that doesn't include being a secretary*) AND I WILL TAKE ANY I CAN FIND COUGHCOUGHNIEROCOUGHCOUGHWHEEZE.

Those last few coughs where real. I have to sanitize my keyboard as soon as I'm finished.

Any-who, here's the breakdown.

Borderlands (Hopefully October/November. It depends on cash flow)
Brutal Legend (Christmas, Definite/Maybe Thanksgiving. Depends on cash flow for latter)
Modern Warfare 2 (Christmas, Definite)
Windowsill (As soon as fucking possible)
Garry's Mod (When Opportunity Opens Up)
Uncharted 2: Honor Among Thieves (Christmas, Not Determined if Definite Yet)
King Of Fighters XII (As soon as Opportunity Opens Up)

And that's it for this year. I plan on dropping cash on 3 more games before next year. Hopefully, by next year, a job opportunity will open up and the Spring Rush will be a bit less RAGE.

Which brings me to my last topic for this sick day. Epic Mickey, if it's even real, looks to be something I'd definitely get my hands on, and it's totally because of the style of the game.

I don't like to sound like a sheep, but Post Apoc is the shit for me. I like the look of everything looking so useful yet broken, and yet, whether it was 3 months of 300 years ago, people wouldn't have thought twice about it's worth in their lives. I know, I know, Post Apoc is brown, and I'm a strong believer in using the color spectrum, even if it'll blind you (see: Mirror's Edge), but I can get past the color of the stuff if the stuff itself looks interesting.

Which is why the Steam-Post Apoc-Punk style of Epic Mickey (if it's called that, and if it exists) has me greatly excited. The once happy world of the Disney Universe manages to take a turn for the worst, yet still maintain the happy look of the Disney Universe. It's like one of those homicidal clowns you see in movies or Twisted Metal, only make a whole universe out of it, and make it steampunk.

Yeah, that's awesome. To me, at least.

Well, that's everything I think I have to say. I think.

Super Street Fighter 4 better be 30 bucks or less, BlazBlue: Continumm Shift should be DLC or 20 bucks or less (what am I saying? I'll pay a full $60 if V13/V11 is nerf'd), Lucidity looks awesome, but I hope there's a demo for the PC version, and I need to get in the APB beta, because APB looks boss.

Yeah, now I'm finished.

*= I'll work as a secretary for Destructoid...or if Tim Schafer is somehow reading this, Double Fine, or any company you can refer me to. I make awesome phone calls.   read

5:31 PM on 09.10.2009

Short Blog Heads Up(VG Related for 2 Sentences)

On the European PSN Now, you can get a free Dynamic theme for Wipeout HD.

It's pretty sweet, but no sound makes it kinda weird.

Also, the english version of the Katamari Forever demo is up on the North American PSN. It's badass.

I'll hide this tonight, so until then, enjoy these completely unrelated music videos. If you want, tell me which one is better. I'll take a vote or something.


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5:41 PM on 09.02.2009

Confessions And Resolutions


I have a small confession to make.

This will come as a shock to most, if not all, of the hardcore gamers out there, and I have shamed myself accordingly. In fact, Iím still waiting for the eternal wrath of Cthulhu to be brought down upon myself. Actually, you have to send in some paperwork, including a resume. Really, the process is complicated, so Iíll just skip it and get to the confession;

I have only truly completed less than 10 games in my 10 years of gaming.

Yes, I know, blasphemy and what not, ďhow can I call myself a gamerĒ, ďhave Neiro ban this sick individual,Ē (please donít, I love Destructoid), but first, allow me to clarify what I have just said with some background information.

I have played a whole two ton truck load of games, and, as I mentioned in my previous blog, while I might not still have the 70+ game collection for my ex-Gamecube and on-his-deathbed Playstation 2, I did spend time with each and every one of them.

I just never completed them.

Honestly, I canít tell you why I have the inability to complete most of the games I buy. I know itís not time constraints, even with an advanced class, I still find time to burn/snipe/bonk people in Team Fortress 2, or get my ass kicked in BlazBlue. Hell, Iím starting to get over the fact that I lost all my game saves from when I had to get my PS3 exchanged, and Iím planning to go through Burnout Paradise to get my Burnout License again.

Iím also sure itís not having an abnormal amount of games to play either. Like I mentioned earlier, I have a very small game collection, if you can even call it that. Iíve given all the games in my possession, as of right now, at least 4-8 hours of my time, the prize champion being Pokťmon Diamond, earning a whopping 400+ hours. I havenít touched Diamond in 5 months.

Go figure.

I know itís not the enjoyment factor. I greatly enjoyed the time I had with Fallout 3, but I havenít even picked up the box since May, and I bought the game in January. I remember having a blast killing all the people in Megaton with the Fatman, but lately, I have no urge to do that, or anything like it, even though I know Iíll have fun doing it.

And damnit, I still enjoy gaming. I (80% of the time, at least) enjoy the games I buy. I still buy games old and new. I just never complete them.

What seems to be the ďproblemĒ is that Iíll reach a point in playing a game where Iíll just stop and forget said game existed in my meager collection. Hell, I have to remind myself I bought a copy of Psychonauts from Steam. Itís as if something subliminal in my subconscious makes my mind reset itself, and once itís finished rebooting, it already has a new game it wants to play, with no plan to go back and finish the old game what so ever, for no certain reason.

To speak truthfully, Iím fucking tired of that happening.

So yeah, I know Iím making a lot of changes in my gaming lifestyle (a lot being 2). I understand Iím 9 months late to New Yearís Resolutions and what not, and more importantly, I have only a few months till the Spring í10 Game Rush, but damnit, I want to be a better gamer. I want to be able to, one day, post my collection of games, my collection at that moment being over 80 games. I want to be able to sit down and talk about gaming more fluently. Hell, I want to make games for a career, and I believe that itís these subtle changes that are going to help me accomplish those goals.

So Iím going to complete the games I buy, starting now. Iíve got a list, and I think I can finish it by the time Modern Warfare 2 drops, so Iíll be ready for that. Iíll keep my priorities straight, promising to give the unfinished games more time than the new ones (I can always play Scribblenauts at school). Iím going to complete all the games that come into my possession , unless said game is like Resistance 2, in which case Iíll try to get all the Achievements/Trophyís I can before my eyes bleed.

Play me off, Hall & Oats.

[embed]147279:22097[/embed]   read

7:06 PM on 08.26.2009

Randomized Thoughts -or- Blog Between Blogs.

Yeah, that picture up there pretty much sums up what I'm doing in the blog. I just feel like I gotta write some shit down, you know? I haven't properly written something in quite some time, and since school has started again, and GT English is hard, I might as well get in the flow of writing again. Plus, I feel like making a blog about video games. Go Figure.

Back To School

This week was the return of school, and I'm a Junior. One more year, and I can say good-by to Texas schooling, and hello to Boston or Califorian learning in college, but enough about that, what's the hype with games?

When I mention Brutal Legend, a lot of people put their fingers on their heads, and go, "Oh wait, that game with Jack Black?", and when I respond that they are in fact correct, most go, "Yeah, that looks hot." Which is more than what I can say for Psychonauts, in which I just got a lot of blank stares as I explained the premise of that game. Overall, I like the response I'm getting, and maybe, for our school newspaper, if we can get out a review for Brutal Legend, maybe we can convince some other people to give the game a try. Which, would be good. Really good.

I get a lot more split-second responses when I mention Borderlands though, which means either of 2 things:

Changing the art style has brought a whole shitload of customers for Gearbox


People knew about this shit before.

Either way, it's nice to see some excitement from the next to months for games. Maybe with that PS3 price drop, I can actually have people I know in real life on my PS3 instead of just Dtoiders. No offense guys, but I have friends in real life too.

On Shadow Complex: KindaSortaNotReally Rant

First Off, I don't have a 360. I really want one though, but until then, I'm going to have to mooch off friends and Gamestop before I take another plunge and buy my second 360. Because Shadow Complex looks hot.

But there has been a lot of controversy surrounding Shadow Complex, all stemming from it's Kinda-Co-Writer, Orson Scott Card. Now, I know, Card is a dick when it comes to certain subjects, including homosexuality, and yeah, what kind of last name is Card anyways, but really, the subject matter of Shadow Complex is based off of one of his books. And that's pretty much it.

The story of Shadow Complex is written by Peter David, who apparently wrote some of the Hulk comics. I didn't know that last part, but I have read one of the Hulk comics he wrote, and it was good stuff. He's going to get some good cash off of this game's earnings.

This game uses the Unreal Engine 3, by Epic. Epic, and Cliffy, are going to make absurd amounts of money from this title. That's how Epic Games rolls, guys. I wish I could work for them. I hear Cliffy is a pretty cool bro.

Shadow Complex is an Xbox Live exclusive. Microsoft is going to take some of the absurd amounts of money Epic will make, and make Absurd amounts of money with it. It's also how MS rolls. The greedy bastards.

And then there is Orson Scott Card, who, knowing Microsoft and Epic Games, will make less than chump change on his games. He probably won't complain, money is money, and he's follow up books, as well as the Ender's Game movie will probably make up for whatever losses he might make with how Shadow Complex's earnings are handled.

When I get a 360, I'm going to buy Shadow Complex. Orson Scott Card is a writer and a public speaker who writes books for a specific audience and speaks for one just as specific. No amount of money (whether you, me, or the unsuspecting public who probably could really care less) we give him is going to make him any more threat than he is now. Which is pretty minuscule, since this is the first time we are actually talking about him since forever. All he's getting that could potentially melt some ice is free publicity.

And I don't even think he knows about it yet.

Spring 2010

What happened?

What sick bastard decided to tell all the video game companies that Modern Warfare 2 is going to be THAT much of a blowout and they should sell their games in the Spring? Why would you do something like that? WHY?

Ok, Ok, I know, MW2 is some big stuff, but to tell you the truth, I was perfectly ready to drop whatever is left in my leftover account on games this Christmas. MW2, Brutal Legend, Borderlands, Bayonetta, hell, even fucking A Boy and His Blob, and I don't even have a Wii. And a whole lot else I can't seem to remember at the moment right now, because the list was honestly, really big.

Now I gotta wait for some of the titles to drop in 2010. Well, least I'm getting Scribblenauts soon. That should hold me.

Last And Not Least

I'm going to stop selling my games.

It's something I've wanted to do ever since I started buying games, until I found out you could trade them in for money, or sell them to inspecting suckers on the corner. Ever since I got my Gamecube, I've been able to buy a respectable amount of games at least every 2 months (1 or 2, to be politically correct). By that math (I got my Gamecube in '02), I should have a collection of, 42 to 84 games, comprised of various PS2, Gamecube, and DS titles, including Freekstyle, SSX Tricky, Mario Kart Double Dash, Star Wars Battlefront 2, and Luminous Ark.

I have 10 games, 6 PS3 titles, 2 PS2 titles, and 2 DS titles. This does not count games bought on PSN or through Steam.

What happened to my Gamecube? It resides at my Uncles house, where it gathers dust next to the Phat PS2 that is used exclusively for Guitar Hero. Most of my Gamecube titles were sold to create money for my Launch 360 and Kameo: Elements Of Power, which went away when I wanted to get money for the Warranty for my PS3. I still have the box for The Legend Of Zelda: Wind Waker, though the disk is, well kept at another cousins house. They framed it. How nice.

The list on my profile bar is horribly outdated and needs to be updated as well. It makes me sad to look at all that stuff I used to have.

So yeah, I'm going to start trying to keep the games I buy, starting with Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Summoner 2. I don't get that game, I can't get into it for the love of me, but still, it'll make me look more like a collector and not like a guy who sells everything for quick cash.

Except for LittleBigPlanet. I fear that game might not stick with me for long, and if I need a new one, there's that Game Of The Year Edition with all that nifty DLC in it. And Water.

[embed]146248:21834[/embed]   read

9:04 PM on 08.24.2009

Why I Still Love Destructoid.

They love this as well.   read

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