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Daxelman avatar 8:52 PM on 11.24.2009  (server time)
Blog Between Blogs : Dunno Edition


Iím back again with what the hell is happening in my life of gaming. Or lack of. I donít wanna talk about it, so letís just stay stuff happened and Iím out a PS3 at the moment.

I still got my DS though (SCORE BITCHES), which brings me to my first little topic;

BLUE 42!!! BLUE 42!!!! TONY ROMO SUCKS!!!! SET, HUT!!!

The League Ė Tokyo Drift

You know about The League, right? That new comedy on FX about a group of guys who take Fantasy Football way to seriously and it ends up spilling into their daily lives, or what remains of them?

Yeah, I really like that show.

About 3 episodes in, a friend of mine showed up at school with a DSi, an R4, and a patched version of the Japanese version of Pokťmon; Heart Gold. Pretty excellent stuff, I got to see a little bit of the beginning, and Iíll tell you, it looks really nice. Really fucking nice. You donít know how close I am to getting a Mewtwo into a PokeCenter right now.

Anyways, another friend of mine has started making teams for HG/SS, and he wanted help from me, because face it; Iím the only Pokťmon badass in the Dallas/Ft. Worth metroplex. Prove me wrong. Anyways, we got on to talking about nicknames and shit, and then, this weird idea popped into my head;


I know, it sounds sort of like an oxymoron, right? Really though, this could be some cool stuff. We gather a list of about 50 or so Pokťmon, just randomly choosing from the 493 that are out there. We do some crazy stunt to decide who gets draft pick priority, and we go to town. 6 Pokťmon each, off and train for about a month or so, come back, battle it out. 6v6, No Rules, Anything Goes. Whoever wins is the ďPokťmon MastahĒ until the next draft starts.

I donít know how weíre doing on the list of Pokťmon (damn Klempky, you havenít given me the list yet!), but once I get it, we are so on this shit. Iím also thinking I might make this Destructoid wide once HG/SS drops in everywhere-else-that-isnít-Japan; itíd be crazy to go all 493 Pokes, and watch what someone can do with an EV trained Ditto.

Modern Warfare 2

Itís all about the guns now. Talk and gossip about IWís latest masterpiece has taken some of my high school classmates by storm. Mostly, itís all about the multiplayer, but Iím glad to hear that many liked the single player a lot, as well as some talk about the co-op mode, Spec Ops. This was totally different from when Halo 3 dropped; back then, it was all about ludicrous frags and crazy acrobatics, 12 year olds talking about how awesome the Spartan Laser is, and hammers. Now even a single mention of the amazing fun that is and forever shall be, Griffball.

Now, while I donít see Modern Warfare 2 getting anything like Griffball (except on the PC scene, maybe), I like the varied talk that is being handed down. First, we had the whole ďNo RussianĒ talk, and while the guys I hang out around are pretty brutal, most agreed that the controversial level was kind of hard to swallow. Then we went to multiplayer, then we got on whether Gaz was Roach (which he canít be, because Gaz got totally wasted, right?), then on to some Spec Ops, then onto the crazy perks, then onto how badass but somewhat unfulfilling the ending of the game was, and finally we settled on crazy multiplayer stories and how impossible it is to get a 32 killstreak.

Ok, maybe it was a little multiplayer based, but at least they played the Campaign this time around.

NOT Modern Warfare 2

When weíre not talking about MW2, or nukes, I try to highlight some of the other titles out right now. One thatís been gaining some talk is Assassinís Creed 2, which a lot of people say it completely fixed the problems in AC1. While Iím subject to be biased in the other direction, I have not played the game yet, so Iíll be doubtful a little.

Another little wonder that comes up every now and then is L4D2. I really expected more talk outta this one, simply because you can be a fat black guy killing zombies with a ďninja swordĒ. Really guys, put down the FAMAS, grab 3 friends, and show people why pirates suck at killing zombies.

The PSPGo got a little love. A buddy showed me Assassinís Creed PSP, and it looked really beautiful, and ran really nicely. I donít know how many frames it was pushing, but whatever the count was, it was smooth and constant. Then there were the general ďOh, Thatís NiceĒ, from the clock, to the fact that it slides, to OMG SACKBOY ON THE GO SO KAWAII (I swear those Band kidsÖ), so yeah, people stopped fapping on the iPod Touch for awhile and gave Sony some sex. But only for a day.

And well, thatís it. Thatís all I got for you, nothing much happening. A lot of people jumping back on to Starcraft, New Moon doesnít suck (allegedly), 2012 does (fact), and Borderlands is totally Diablo with guns. A lot of guns; like 6.02 x 10^23 guns. Or so I hear.

And what the hell is Slenderman?

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