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Dawn Marie's blog

11:52 AM on 11.08.2008

Twilight -- Book & Movie

[color=darkblue]I loved Book One. I read it twice while waiting for book 2 to become available. Every single copy was checked out of the library.

Actually, every single copy of book 3 was check out of the every single library in Los Angeles, with 24 holds, but I didn't realize it was book 3 I was putting a hold on. I put a hold on it, waited. Checked it out, realized it was book 3, and wept bitter tears, and closed it, and put a hold on book 2.

Now, the library has emailed me that book 2 is available for me to pick up.

The movie poster is my wallpaper at work and I can't wait for the movie. I know I am setting myself up for disappointment because the book was so much fun. Stephanie Meyer is no Jane Austin, I don't even no if she is any Anne Rice, but she tells a fun story and can't be faulted for that.

The husband says as long as Quantum of Solace has been seen on the 7th, he will accompany me to Twilight on the 14th. Of course, regardless, I am going to Twilight on the 14th. I love me some vampires and Edward is one of the better ones. Of course, when I have been offered crap like the hideous Underworld and even the weak Van Helsing there hasn't been much competition.

At San Diego Comic Con this year, I had never even heard of Twilight, but walking around were people with the shirts or bags that stated, “I am only here for Twilight.” With a sold out Comic Con there were a large number of people who bought passes for no other reason then to get into the Twilight movie forum. The organizers had put the Twilight forum in one of the main halls and were unsure didn’t know if it would fill up, but the morning of there were people sitting outside the door to make sure they would get in. This is the craziest phenomenon.

The movie poster is everywhere here in Los Angeles. It is the best advertising for a book series ever. So many more people have read the book series since the movie posters have gone up. I admit, it was when the 4th book came out with the midnight parties celebrating its release and the newspapers writing about it that I even became aware of the series, or interested in it. And now I am hooked and love it. My husband fears opening night of Twilight with all the little girls mad about Edward/Jacob/all of it. I can’t predict what the make-up of the crowd will be. I just know several 30 Somethings who will be there besides myself and my reluctant husband.

Go Team Edward (that really is the dumbest catch phrase, however).[/color]   read

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