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DavoTron avatar 8:42 AM on 10.19.2012  (server time)
Making a Game - Pt. 1: What the hell?

I recently left one of the bands I play in to try and reclaim some time for myself. In this spare time, I thought about having a crack at making a game.

About a year or so back, I downloaded the Unreal Editor. I don't really have a good PC at all, so my experience with that wasn't too great. Although I managed to make something you could walk on.

The only other time I got further into game making was doing about two rooms in Doom, and a single room in Adventure Game Studio.

But I set myself a project - 2013 would be the year I make a game. I want to release it on iOS. Yes, I will.

So I set about downloading Unity, after seeing it pop up multiple times for games like 100000000 and Beat Sneak Bandit (although now I don't remember where I saw this).

I got about two pages into the tutorial before mention of things like "Maya" popped up. Whoa, I forgot about asset creation. Maybe I'm out of my depth. I better start simpler.

So I did. Someone I work with recommended GameSalad for mobile stuff, so I downloaded that. Now, the problem is, they just released an update. This update included a whole host of new UI stuff. The problem this creates is that the Manual and Tutorials they have were for an older version, so I'm still totally none the wise about what they are referring to.

So basically, I'm still no further in learning how to create a game. Damn, this shit is bananas.

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