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DavoTron avatar 3:29 PM on 09.16.2012  (server time)
Black Mesa

Black Mesa is the first game I've sat down at a PC and played in quite a while. Despite it's Duke Nukem Forever-esque development span, you can certainly see why it took so long. It was just people hashing it out in their spare time. That takes time, especially if you're a perfectionist. And judging by my few hours of gameplay, they certainly are.

The whole thing is a joy to go through - Familiar scenes are given a Hollywood remake level of sheen, with little twists and unexpected turns to keep things fresh in your head. Getting the Crowbar for the first time was certainly a nice little turn of events. Voice acting retains the basic, simplistic charm of the first game, with part-timers turning in expert impressions, while adding new dialogue that fits in perfectly. Achievements added into the game give you some incentive to check out different things they've hidden in. Gunplay is given some modern touches - one weapon gives you iron sight aiming - and the AI flank, hunt and retreat as you would expect.

Right now, I've reached the Blast Pit. I look forward to seeing what little touches they have instore for me here...

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