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DaviesAntony avatar 4:25 PM on 12.09.2012  (server time)
Metal Gear Solid V: The Twin Phantom's Pain of a Giant Fire-Breathing Whale

From one trailer, two thousand conspiracies are formed

As everyone must be aware by now due to articles by DToid,Joystiq and a 60+ PAGE DISCUSSION THREAD AT NEOGAF, there was a little something up at the recent VGA's. A previously unheard of studio known as Moby Dick released a trailer for a little something called The Phantom Pain, or as it's now known; Metal Gear Solid 5.

With there being literally no information about the game aside from the kick-ass trailer, fans have taken it into their own hands to decode the messages that may or may not lie within, and so far things are looking a little sketchy (asside from playing the trailers audio backwards, which is complete bollocks). I mean between Snake, Raiden/Raikov and Burnt Face Man look-alikes, possible Volgin and Mantis reappearances, coincidental mo-cap photo's and a light sprinkling of Bad Robot even I'm Starting to wonder.

For starters the studio's website,, was only registered very recently, and is suspiciously bare (although on second thought this could be due to the recency of the site registration). Also the game is being produced by someone known only as Joakim Mogren, and even I'll admit that the whole Joakim/Kojima anagram seems to be a bit too much like coincidence.

Joakim "Kojima Project Ogre" Mogren

Now normally I wouldn't bat an eyelid at this, I mean it's Kojima, the man's by no means sane, but I'd recently blown the dust off of my Playstation 1, bought MGS 1 and the HD collection and started working my way through the series (Just finished Snake Eater, started Peace Walker whilst waiting for MGS4 to arrive). Either way, I am now suitably intrigued and regardless of whether this turns out to be Metal Gear Solid 5, some weird viral promotion for Ground Zeroes or a whole new IP by a legitimate company, I am quite certain that I will be picking up a copy of The Phantom Pain (If that is your real name!)

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