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DaviesAntony avatar 10:26 AM on 01.20.2013  (server time)
Games from my Youth: Games that Should be Thought About More

So the the last couple of weeks have been a pain in the rear due to that god-damn norovirus that's been taking everyone out near me, and as such I've been too run down to play many videogames. It did however give me time to think about them and some of the games that I've played or been meaning too and never got round to it, so after I'd recovered I went up into my attic and dug out my old Playstation 1 & 2 games, spent roughly a whole day trying to get EPSXE to work and then relived some of my youth through Final Fantasy 9 (I've got way too much to say about that game).

I've now got my 360 controller set up to my computer, got PCSX2 working as well and I'm ready to spend some time with some good old games.


Man it's been a long time since I thought about this game, basically you play as some long eared panda furry thing and you travel with your friend who's a turquoise floating ball and throw rip-off Waddle-Dee's around until the game ends in tragedy. Seriously it's awesome, I won't spoil it but it was the first game to make me cry. If you're a fan of old school platformers and want something cute with some actual depth in places I highly suggest checking it out, to my knowledge they made a version for the Wii and a sequel that I haven't played yet.

Dark Cloud

This was the first game I ever played for the PS2, a friend of mine got his a couple of months after the console was released and this one game alone was pretty much the deciding factor in the family getting one for me and my brother as a joint birthday present. The game's a pretty standard Zelda-esque adventure but coupled with a kind of city-building mechanic and an adorable style. Basically the story revolves around everything being destroyed and you having the power to rebuild it, you enter dungeons to find the pieces to each city and you can swap between Toan (the main character), a cat-lady, a fat kid, a hot chick and other characters as you go on to fight a fat purple genie and a Nazi wannabe. This is probably my favorite PS2 game (although it has to go up against SH2, RE4 and other stiff competition). It too has a sequel (Dark Chronicle) which I've never played but looks awesome.

Oddworld :Abe's Oddyssee

Any of you guys remember Demo 1?
Oh yes, I do. It was a disk of demos that came with the original Playstation, it had Soul Blade, Overboard, Hercules, Rage Racer and other classics. It also came with Abe's Oddyssee, a game I rank alongside Majoras Mask for disturbing me when I was young. It was an awesome platformer but god-damn difficult, it took me a while to finish and I then immediately saved my pocket money and went out to buy Abe's Exodus. I heard there's an HD remake and Oddworld Inhabitants are planning to do something with the franchise that doesn't suck. But there Facebook page is the least informative thing ever. I want more Scrab Cakes!


Tomba! if you're American was another game I experienced through demo's but unlike Abe's Oddyssee I never had the chance to buy this one, and with Whoopee Camp going bust copies are upwards of 100 on eBay. I may have to find an Iso for this one or invest in a Vita because I loved this game. I've lost count of the amount of times I played the demo but I can't wait to have this spiky-pink-haired bastard running around in his green shorts again! (no homo)


I love G-Darius and I want the world to know that I love giant, lazer spitting, fish shaped space ships with buzz-saw razor hands.
Side scrolling shoot 'em ups are a genre I usually stay well away from but G-Darius is my exception, it's so much fun and taking over enemy ships to gain powers makes me happy. I strongly recommend checking this game out!

As a side note, MASSIVE thanks to PhilKen Sebben (I LOVE Harvey Birdman) for the tip on Don't Starve (god I love Klei Entertainment!)

It's probably a good thing I've got all these games to play, it'll give me plenty of time to download all the games I bought in Steams ludicrous holiday sales (THQ collection for 20!?). Of course I'm probably also going to play Silent Hill 2 again whilst I wait for Shadow of the Colossus to arrive (maybe 3 and 4 also). At least they'll keep me from buying new games so I can save to pay off my car tax, insurance and other important things that are due soon. OH FOR FU-

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