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11:16 PM on 10.29.2009

The Plague? *SHspoilers* Day 1

Nope, just another intro. Haha, I bet you were expecting some kind of freak posting his stupid opinion on what the plague was--at least in video games. Nope, you're going to see something totally different and completely pathetic. It's kind of odd, but, hey, your the one reading it. Anyway, I remember that my descent into gaming was with a classic video game for the N64.

Back then, you could tell that I didn't like video games as much as my old PC. I used to have a little windows 98 back then. I used to love that damn thing and I will always love my PC more than one of the gaming consoles that I will ever have in my entire life. Of course, that excludes anything with a horror game in it. For example, when I played Silent Hill: Homecoming. I know, not one of the games that was made by Team Silent. I have to agree, after I tried it, I loved it, but when I played Silent Hill 3, I was even a bigger fan of the horror genre than I had ever would've imagined.

Haha, it looks like it is dog salad. But, seriously, the scene in Silent Hill 3 with the mirror was one of the creepiest scenes in any video game. The reflection stands and stares at Heather while she 'dies'. It was really one of the reasons that I've never liked to have anything to do with any kind of mirror except the ones in my bedroom. The detail into that scene causes me to wonder--what was this scene representing? Was it some kind of symbolism between Heather and a mirror? To be honest, I was thinking that the symbolism had something to do between Heather and Alessa.

Heather just so happens to be the reincarnation of Alessa, so maybe the mirror was the sign that Alessa was watching her. With careful examination, I would also consider some past things that had to do with the first game. Of course--I just couldn't understand everything. It is a horror game after all.

Creepy pink bunny Robby the Rabbit is, correct? This is from the start of the game where Heather is having a horrid 'nightmare'. I would probably call it some kind of dream, but I guess you could consider me a sick and vile person. I'd actually enjoy being in that kind of situation.

The best game in the series? I'd have to say it was the original. I've never played it, but the story matches up the best and I seem to enjoy it. Random picture of the day and the scariest boss without a scary game?

I couldn't resist, but this is indeed the scariest boss inside of a non scary game. I am a little bit random at times, but I am glad to find Destructoid. Welcome me with open arms or the clouds will rain ash. And, maybe, just maybe, will my own personal hell be..well. Heaven? I'd have to admit, to kill those kinds of fears, it'd be horrid and scary. Unlike the people in the game, I'd probably freak out to kill..

Never was good with children.   read

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