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David Nolan
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Max Payne and my beef with Black Ops 2

It's been awhile since i've done a C - Blog. I haven't had much to talk about since i'm a fairly stagnant when it comes to my gaming variety. Regardless, here's what i've played in the past few months. I've picked up Trials ...


Gamers: united or divided?

There's something that has irked and irritated me for awhile since I have had the thought about this. There's been subcatagories of gamers whom are labeled or associate with: hardcore gamers (the guys/girls who take the game ...


My gaming as of late...

I've found with the past few months with my gaming that i've felt almost drained and rather uninspired and minimally entertained, I'm not sure if it's something else or just a lack of variety with my gaming choices, but I fee...


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