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DavebubFPS's blog

2:21 PM on 03.24.2009

My how things have changed!

As a first time blogger I guess it would be appropriate to introduce myself. My name is Dave and i'm a senior at Indiana University in Bloomington, IN. I play my fair share of video games (when I have the time could be upwards of 10+ hours a day..), mostly ps3 FPS games including KZ2, CoD: WaW, and the like. I'm always looking to get involved in activities centered around games and fellow gamers whether it be playing online, partying, blogging, and most recently an up and coming video game original content site The website is kinda jank (Much like the original ScrewAttack site) but they have some pretty cool video series on youTube and GT. If you ever wanna talk about video games, chat, or play video games hit me up either on PSN: Davebub, AIM: Davebub007, or email: [email protected]

Enough with the personal stuff. On with the blogging!

It never really dawned on me how much video games have progressed not only from system to system but also over the years of the PS3. It all tipped me off when I went into a nostalgic mood and whipped out the N64 to play a little perfect dark, and then work my way through the library of games. I felt like an idiot because the graphics were so bad that it was nearly impossible to see the doors/switchs/enemy dudes/a reason why playing old games is cool. And to think that back in the days of the N64's reign, Perfect Dark was one of the best games ever with lifelike graphics (0.o) So enough with the N64, my eyes couldn't take it. Back to HD quality gaming with one of the first PS3 games, Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Vegas. Man WTF, the graphics were almost as bad Perfect Dark. It almost looked like the game was made for PS2 and they just upscaled it to be a ps3 game. Not intending to bash, but i'm sure we all remember the first time we threw a PS3 game on and almost creamed our pants because it looked so good. It just made me wonder. People rant and rave about the trendsetting graphics of Killzone 2 and it's amazing to think of the progress in only a couple years. I'm sure it has to do with developers finally understanding the capabilities of the PS3 but still. How could it get any better? But of course that's what we were saying about Perfect Dark when it first came out.   read

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