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DaveSull avatar 5:35 PM on 03.11.2013  (server time)
Violent Videogames

So, violent videogames. They don't actually exist do they?

I've been thinking about it and I've realized. I've never actually played a violent videogame. I've played God of War, Grand Theft Auto and Pokemon but no one died because I played them. I've never had to punch an actual person to save a make-believe world.

People are quite able to slip between realities. Any normal person can watch a movie and cry when the person that isn't real dies. They allow the film to be real enough to care. Whenever I play a game I allow myself to care about the violence, to feel rage on the injuries and relief when I survive. None of it's real but its all reality for as long as I want it to be.

There is violent entertainment, torturing animals and boxing for example, but I've never harmed someone with my Xbox. No harm no violence.

That doesn't excuse cruelty in games. Like I said, I let it be real. Any violent act in the game is real for as long as I am playing the game.

But when I turn everything off and go back to my life I don't expect to be seen as anything other than the pacifist that I am. Turning ones into zeroes isn't murder.

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