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3:41 PM on 05.16.2008

Mirror's Edge - Blue Sky in Games Campaign in Action!

Ahh Mirror's Edge, you are so very pretty...

If you've never read about the Blue Sky in Games Campaign, then click this text you are reading right now!

Back in 2005 the website UKResistance decided it was time for change. A time to do away with gritty, real life, brown and gray games that the PS3 and 360 had promised to start pushing on us, the gaming populace. It was time to start the "Blue Sky in Games Campaign!"

Very obviously, the point was to show that newer games were getting too annoyingly violent and were no longer really "video games" that we were all used to. Jumping on someone's head was replaced with hitting them with a crowbar, shooting someone with an energy beam was replaced with firing an AK47 at their skull, and picking up health packs has been replaced by shooting a drug into your bloodstream.

I'm happy to report that change is being made! Thanks to Mirror's Edge, I can clearly point out some main bullet points for how developers have helped push this initiative!

- Change everything that's grey into blue. Mirror's Edge has gone away from the grey skies of Assassin's Creed to the blue skies of a beautiful city!
- From now on, everyone wears red shoes. Check!
- Make the female characters something other than prostitutes. At least, I don't think Faith is a prostitute... but she is the protagonist!

In the end, I'm just amazed EA/DICE had the balls to actually go through with making a game look colorful and gorgeous instead of hardened, gritty, and greyish-brown like a lot of other titles coming out nowadays. Here's hoping the game doesn't end up sucking!   read

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